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Does white oak make good flooring?

Does white oak make good flooring?

White Oak has a decent hardness rating making it resilient to dents and gouges. Even in the scenario where your flooring gets a scratch the grains of your White Oak flooring will help hide these better than smooth grain floors. White oak flooring a perfect choice for kitchens because it is closed grain wood.

What is the difference between American oak and white oak?

European white oak tends to have a more wavy and a much tighter grain pattern compared to American oak tends to have a large and predominantly straight grain pattern with much larger grain and growth rings.

Is American white oak good?

American White Oak wood is extremely durable and highly resistant to decay. One of the main hardwoods of Eastern North America, American White Oak is one of the longest, largest and long-lived timber trees in existence.

Are white oak floors trendy?

Light wood floors continue to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring, especially on White Oak. From natural and muted tones that give your space a raw, organic look to the increasingly popular whitewash that creates a relaxed vibe, light wood floor color options reflect light and will brighten and open up your space.

Do white oak floors darken with age?

The answer is no, white oak doesn’t darken much at all with age. It does darken with age.

Is European Oak better than American?

Movement of boards – it is well known amongst experienced floor layers that the hardness of European Oak means the European variety is less likely to expand and contract to the extent of American Oak. This ensures a floor once laid shows no splits, cracks or minimal signs of movements over its lifetime.

How expensive is White Oak?

White Oak Pricing

Description Price
White Oak 4/4 thickness $3.00
White Oak 8/4 thickness $4.00
White Oak 12/4 thickness $5.50
Wide Stock White Oak $1.50 +

Why is white oak so popular?

White oak’s popularity lies in its ability to easily take on stains. When compared to red oak, the graining is less active, the color is a light brown with a slight olive cast (in its natural state) and its legacy is in barrel making for the wine and whiskey industry.”

What kind of craftsmanship is used in American oak flooring?

Each and every plank in this collection is hand made by skillful artisans who know that the only way to achieve such a rich lustre and unique surface texture is to employ the time-honoured techniques of the traditional craftsman.

What kind of wood are heritage plank floors made from?

Our Heritage Plank Floors are crafted exclusively American White Oak third-party certified to be from responsibly managed, sustainable forests.

Which is the best brand of wood flooring?

The Heritage Plank Collection is a favourite choice among designers and homeowners looking for a true statement of historical charm and the distinctive appearance of a genuine vintage floor.

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