What is the moral of the story refund?

What is the moral of the story refund?

The teachers agreed to refund the money if he can answer some of the questions right. He deliberately gives the wrong answer, but finally, the mathematics teacher outsmarts him. The moral of the story is not to be over smart and be dishonest.

How does Wasserkopf get the idea of refund?

The play Refund is written by Fritz Karinthy, a famous Hungarian playwright in 1938. He is known for his works You Write Like This, A Trip Around My Skull and Professor. Because they realize that Wasserkopf would Page 2 intentionally give wrong answers to fail in the exam and to get back the refund.

What is the theme and genre of the play the refund?

It is a one-act play. The story is about a student who has graduated many years ago but he decided to pay his school and the principle a visit with an ulterior motive. The story is quite funny and hilarious when a forty-year-old man demands a refund of his school fees.

What is the central idea of refund?

The theme of this play is wit and unity. This play is about a former student of a school in Hungary named Wasserkopf who returns to his former school and demands a refund of the tuition fees he paid eighteen years ago, claiming that he learned nothing useful at school and is now useless.

Why did Wasserkopf want a refund of the tuition fee?

Why does Wasserkopf demand a refund of his tuition fees from the school? Answer: Wasserkopf demands a refund of his tuition fees from the school because he finds himself good for nothing in his life. He becomes failure many times in getting a proper job for him.

What is the main theme of refund?

How did the teacher outsmart Wasserkopf refund?

f. How did the teachers outwit Wasserkopf? ➜ Teachers outwitted Wasserkopf by using their brains properly. Wasserkopf did everything he could to fail his oral exam by giving absurd answers.

Why does Wasserkopf not get a refund of his tuition fees?

➜ Wasserkopf demands a refund of his tuition fees from the school because he is unemployed. People tell him that he is unfit for anything and that he hasn’t learned anything worthwhile in school wherever he goes to apply for a job.

What is refund?

A refund is a reimbursement from a government of taxes that were paid above the amount that was due. The average refund for an American taxpayer for the tax year 2019 was $2,8691 Refunds can also refer to the money a store or business returns to an unsatisfied customer.

Who gave Wasserkopf the idea of asking for refund of his tuition fee?

(1887-1938) The one-act play Refund was adopted and translated by the American playwright Percival Wilde. such an absurd demand. Wasserkopf even threatens to go to the education minister if justice is denied to him. He demands a re-examination and if he fails in it he must get back his money.

Who gave Wasserkopf the idea of getting a refund from the school?

What is the story of the refund play?

The Refund is an unusual story. A student who was a bad performer in school comes back to the school as a young man and wants a refund of all the fees that he paid.

Who are the main characters in the refund?

The main character in the play is Wasserkopf. He is forty years old. He could not get any employment and wherever he went the people told him that he is fit for nothing and nothing worth while he has learnt when he was studying. One day he met a Lederer and asked him about his business.

Who is the author of refund Fritz Karinthy?

Fritz Karinthy is a well know short story writer who wrote the one act play “Refund” in the year 1938. This is the story of a former student Wasserkopf, who demands that his tuition should be refunded because he feels his education was worthless. But he loses his fight when he is tricked by the mathematics master.

What happens at the end of refund one act play?

He jeers his professors, calling them names and tells them that they were as much “good for nothings” as he was and since he did not derive any value from them, it is only rightful that he be paid back all his tuition. He also threatens the school with legal action if they don’t return his money.

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