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How rare is a white GSD?

How rare is a white GSD?

A: White German Shepherds are rare. With that being said, you can find them at a breeder that specializes in this color of the breed. It’s far more likely that a puppy will end up with a white coat if you are getting your White GSD from a breeder that has both parents that are White coated.

What are white German shepherds called?

White Shepherd
Other names White German Shepherd American-Canadian White Shepherd Dog
Origin United States
Foundation stock German Shepherd

Do white German shepherds have more health problems?

The recessive gene is only responsible for the dog’s color; there are absolutely no links to poor health or temperament. The White German Shepherd is prone to the same health issues as the standard, the major concern being hip and elbow dysplasia.

Is a White Shepherd and German Shepherd the same?

Technically speaking, the Berger Blanc Suisse, White German Shepherd and White Shepherd are different breeds with different standards. Berger Blanc Suisse is recognized by FCI in Europe, the White German Shepherd is recognized by the AKC (although the color is disqualified for show) and the White Shepherd is recognized by UKC .

Why are some German Shepherd Dogs White?

Like the Black German Shepherd, the White German Shepherd is the product of a recessive coat color gene. Unlike the Black German Shepherd, however, whose true color is solid black, the recessive white gene acts as a mask, blocking the dog’s true color and pattern and causing it to appear white. 4.

How rare are white German Shepherds?

So, white coat German Shepherds are certainly not rare (as in insignificant). They are meaningful! North America: 2.7% are solid white. And another 6.8% have white coat elements. Australia and New Zealand: NO solid white German Shepherds (based on our subscribers’ input data), but 3.1% with white coat elements.

What to do with my German Shepherd?

Taking your dog for a long walk, a jog, a bike ride, or for play in the park, are all great activities. Don’t underestimate the power of just getting out and doing something active together. German Shepherds do best in active homes, so if you have one, make this a priority.

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