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Do fairways get aerated?

Do fairways get aerated?

Fairways, which are aerated in the fall only, are perennial ryegrass and Poa annua with some bluegrass mixed in. Pizzuto uses a tow-behind Ryan aerator with open-spoon tines.

What is a Toro ProCore 648?

The ProCore® 648 is the most productive walk greens aerator with a 48″ (121.9 cm) wide aeration swath and tine penetration depth variable to 4″ (10.2 cm).

How long does it take for aerated fairways to recover?

It usually takes a golf course two weeks to recovery from properly done golf course aeration. Once the grass grows back through the aeration holes to a healthy level, the mowers and rollers come back, typically with greens as good as new.

How long does aeration last?

While aeration itself can take just a couple of hours, depending on the size of your commercial property, plugs typically break down in about two weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on weather conditions, but mowing does help expedite this process.

How wide is a walk behind aerator?

Technical Specs for the Ryan Lawnaire IV Plus 19″ Honda*

Working Width 19 inches
Length (in.) 53.5 inches
Width (in.) 28 inches

Is there a leaf rule in golf?

If you’ve ever played golf in the fall, you’ve likely heard of the “leaf rule.” The rule essentially says that if a ball cannot be found in an area heavily populated with fallen leaves, then you get free relief.

How long do aeration holes last?

What’s the serial number on a Toro turf aerator?

The ProCore® offers multiple tine head configurations and accomodates the full line of Toro TITAN® and Classic Tines. Steel deflectors guide the cores into windrows behind the aerator for easier clean-up. Select your serial number range from the options below to view parts & manuals.

What’s the difference between 64 and 98 turf aerators?

The efficient 64″ (162 cm) and 98″ (249 cm) aeration swath deliver maximum productivity for a broad range of forward hole spaces. The precision balancing weights eliminates hopping, rocking, and uncomfortable vibration for less operator fatigue and a more productive and efficient aeration experience.

Where does the tine go on a Toro roller?

The ProCore® tine placement is close to the roller, keeping them at a consistent depth as the operator travels over undulations.

Why are compression springs used in turf aerators?

The compression springs combined with the independent coring head provide positive down pressure to ensure proper hole depth in the downward direction and provide a dampening affect in the upward direction when a large object is impacted during aeration.

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