How much HP does Saturos have in Golden Sun?

How much HP does Saturos have in Golden Sun?

Saturos as Mystery Man has 3000 HP, 260 PP, 63 Attack, 22 Defense, 9 Agility, and 40 Luck. He can use the following battle commands: Attack: Used 2 out of 8 times, this is his standard physical attack.

How do you beat Saturos and menardi in Golden Sun?

Cast Mia’s Break whenever Saturos and Menardi cast any stat-increasing spells. As soon as Flash and/or Granite is set back to their respective Adepts, use them immediately to decrease damage received significantly. Hit them hard with Boreas as it is their weakness.

What is Saturos?

1. one of a class of ancient Greek woodland deities, represented as part human and part horse or goat, and noted for their riotousness and lasciviousness. 2. a lascivious man; lecher.

Is Felix in Dark Dawn?

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Interestingly, Felix is presented in an antagonistic light for most of the book series, with Felix’s true motivations only being revealed near the end.

How do you get Ivan in Golden Sun?

Ivan is a character that becomes a permanent part of Isaac’s traveling party shortly after leaving Vale to begin the quest in Golden Sun, temporarily joining in the town Vault and very shortly afterwards becoming a permanent party member at the entrance to Goma Cave.

Which Golden Sun game is best?

Golden Sun was ranked 94 and The Lost Age was ranked 78 on IGN’s Readers Choice Top 100 games ever….Reception.

Game GameRankings Metacritic
Golden Sun 89% 91/100
Golden Sun: The Lost Age 87% 86/100
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 81% 79/100

What happened to Felix golden sun?

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Less than thirty years after the Golden Sun event, Felix left the other Warriors of Vale to set out on his own journey. According to the game’s encyclopedia, nobody has seen him since he departed.

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