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Can a function return multiple values Python?

Can a function return multiple values Python?

You can return multiple values by bundling those values into a dictionary, tuple, or a list. Python functions can return multiple values. To return multiple values, you can return either a dictionary, a Python tuple, or a list to your main program.

Can a function return multiple values?

Even though a function can return only one value but that value can be of pointer type. If we want the function to return multiple values of same data types, we could return the pointer to array of that data types. We can also make the function return multiple values by using the arguments of the function.

Can we return multiple values from a function in Scala?

You can return multiple values by using tuple. Function does not return multiple values but you can do this with the help of tuple.

Can a function return multiple values explain with examples Python?

In Python, you can return multiple values by simply return them separated by commas. As an example, define a function that returns a string and a number as follows: Just write each value after the return , separated by commas. Note that it is actually the comma which makes a tuple, not the parentheses.

Can python function take unlimited number of arguments?

Yes. You can use *args as a non-keyword argument. You will then be able to pass any number of arguments. As you can see, Python will unpack the arguments as a single tuple with all the arguments.

Can a function return two values back to the main function?

No, you can not have two returns in a function, the first return will exit the function you will need to create an object.

Can a VBA function return multiple values?

Strings or whatever, you can only return one Thing. Thing may be a single string, or it may be an object that contains multiple properties that are themselves strings. But you cannot return multiple Things.

What is used to check multiple values for one variable in Scala?

The multiple assignments can be possible in Scala in one line by using ‘val’ keyword with variable name separated by commas and the “=” sign with the value for the variable.

How do I create a case class in Scala?

Scala Case Class Example

  1. case class CaseClass(a:Int, b:Int)
  2. object MainObject{
  3. def main(args:Array[String]){
  4. var c = CaseClass(10,10) // Creating object of case class.
  5. println(“a = “+c.a) // Accessing elements of case class.
  6. println(“b = “+c.b)
  7. }
  8. }

How do you get multiple values from a list in python?

Adding Elements in Python Lists

  1. append() We can append values to the end of the list. We use the append() method for this.
  2. insert() You can insert values in a list with the insert() method. Here, you specify a value to insert at a specific position.
  3. extend() extend() can add multiple items to a list. Learn by example:

How do I return multiple values in node JS?


  1. JavaScript doesn’t support functions that return multiple values. However, you can wrap multiple values into an array or an object and return the array or the object.
  2. Use destructuring assignment syntax to unpack values from the array, or properties from objects.

Is it possible to return multiple values in Python?

Returning Multiple Values in Python. In Python, we can return multiple values from a function. Following are different ways. 1) Using Object: This is similar to C/C++ and Java, we can create a class (in C, struct) to hold multiple values and return an object of the class.

What are the equivalents of Fortran in Python?

The Fortran equivalents of Python types are: Python / NumPy Fortran float real(8) (also called double) int integer bool logical For arguments, we use the INTENToption to tell Python what we are going to do with a variable.

What’s the best way to return multiple values?

The most common way of returning multiple values from a function is to return them as an array, which can be disassembled and set into individual variables on return.

Is it possible to return multiple values in ALGOL 68?

Agena allows functions to return multiple values. Procedures in Algol 68 can only return one value, so to return multiple values, a structure (or array if all the values have the same mode) can be used. Algol W procedures can’t return arrays but records can be used to return multiple values.

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