What nationality is the last name Zander?

What nationality is the last name Zander?

German: variant spelling of Sander. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German Sander, Zander ‘pike perch’. South German: occupational name for a barber-surgeon who also pulled teeth, an agent derivative from Middle High German zan(t) ‘tooth’.

Where is the last name Valentina from?

The last name Valentina occurs predominantly in Asia, where 72 percent of Valentina reside; 68 percent reside in Southeast Asia and 66 percent reside in Malayo-Arabic Southeast Asia.

Is Zander a biblical name?

Zander is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is English. Zander name meanings is Defender of mankind.

How old is the name Valentina?

Valentina entered the U.S. list in 1994, and is rising in popularity. Of course, it’s one of the perfect names for February babies.

What is the number one last name in the world?

Most Popular Last Names In The World

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Wang 107,002,577
2 Li 104,892,114
3 Zhang 97,975,341
4 Chen 74,775,602

Which is the feminine form of the last name Kirov?

Kirov (surname) Kirov ( Bulgarian: Киров, Russian: Киров) is a Slavic male surname, its feminine counterpart is Kirova.

When was Sergei Kirov born and when did he die?

Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov was born on 27 March [ O.S. 15 March] 1886 in Urzhum in Vyatka Governorate, Russian Empire, as one of seven children born to Miron Ivanovich Kostrikov and Yekaterina Kuzminichna Kostrikova ( née Kazantseva). Their first four children had died young, while Anna (born 1883), Sergei (1886), and Yelizaveta (1889) survived.

Why was the city of Kirov named after Sergey Kirov?

Complicity in Kirov’s assassination was a common charge to which the accused confessed in the show trials of the period. The cities of Kirov, Kirovohrad, Kirovakan, and Kirovabad, as well as a few Kirovsks, were renamed in Kirov’s honor after his assassination.

Where did Sergei Kirov fight in the Russian Civil War?

Kirov became commander of the Bolshevik military administration in Astrakhan. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, he fought in the Russian Civil War until 1920.

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