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What are some key academic vocabulary words?

What are some key academic vocabulary words?

Selecting vocabulary: Academic word list

Headwords Other words in the family. Definition*
abstract abstraction, abstractions, abstractly, abstracts, e.g. abstract
academy academia, academic, academically, academics, academies, e.g. academy
access accessed, accesses, accessibility, accessible, accessing, inaccessible access

What are some really good vocabulary words?

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  • serendipity. good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.
  • keen. intense or sharp.
  • dubious. fraught with uncertainty or doubt.
  • susurration. an indistinct sound, as of whispering or rustling.
  • onomatopoeia. using words that imitate the sound they denote.
  • corpus callosum.
  • toothsome.
  • bibliophile.

What is the academic word list?

The Academic Word List (AWL) is a list of words which appear with high frequency in English-language academic texts.

What are some vocabulary words?

Vocabulary consists of function words and content words. Function words are common words, such as are, that, and to. Content words include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, like flower, eat, beautiful, and sadly. concrete and abstract words.

What is the definition of academic words?

The definition of an academic word is D) a word that has a special meaning within a field of study or subject. It is a word that is used in academic texts where you need to be very formal and knowledgeable.

What is a good vocabulary?

A good vocabulary also improves logical thinking in the context of a certain language. Learning new words and what they mean makes it easier to explore new ideas and understand concepts that you would not otherwise understand without adequate vocabulary. Quite simply, vocabulary really opens your mind to new ideas.

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