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What is Strathalbyn known for?

What is Strathalbyn known for?

Strathalbyn is recognized internationally for its main street full of antique shops with London House being one of the most historic.

Why is Strathalbyn called Strathalbyn?

Strath Albyn comes from two Gaelic words – ‘strath’ meaning “broad valley” or “a valley with a river running through it” and “Albion” meaning ‘hilly land”. Rankine contracted the two words and created “Strathalbyn”.

When was Strathalbyn established?


How old is Strathalbyn?

About 182 years
THE TOWN WAS SETTLED IN 1839 Strathalbyn was settled around 180 years ago by Scottish immigrants. Dr John Rankine is credited with naming Strathalbyn, he was a significant shareholder of the “Albion Iron Mills” in Glasgow, Scotland.

Is Strathalbyn a good place to live?

Strathalbyn is a great place to live for people of all ages. We do not live in a concrete jungle. We are in a semi-rural area full of peace and quiet. Strathalbyn folks are very caring but not intrusive.

What shops are in Strathalbyn?

Antique Bazaar of Strathalbyn. Antique Shops.

  • Bowerbird Antiques & Collectables. Antique Shops.
  • Strathalbyn. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • The Original Lolly Shop. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • Jeff’s Books. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • Strathalbyn Opportunity Shop. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • All In Good Time Antiques.
  • Who were the original inhabitants of Strathalbyn?

    In 1839, the first Scottish settlers, the Rankine families arrived at what would be called Strathalbyn. Until 1842, all the settlers lived in huts and hovels. Doctor John Rankine chose land 4 miles North of Strathalbyn, built the first stone hut in the district there and named the property ‘Blackwood Park’.

    Is strathalbyn a good place to live?

    What is the postcode for Strathalbyn?

    Strathalbyn/Zip codes

    Is strathalbyn a nice place to live?

    Which river flows through Strathalbyn South Australia?

    Angas River
    Angas River is a large stream in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges that rises northwest of Macclesfield and flows in a southerly direction through Strathalbyn before discharging into Lake Alexandrina.

    What is the postcode for Victor Harbour?

    Victor Harbor/Postal codes

    When was Strathalbyn first settled in South Australia?

    Strathalbyn is one of the few Australian towns (and the first in South Australia) to be settled by Scots. Its first settlers arrived in Adelaide on the ” Fairfield ” in 1839 and crossed the hills to select land in the Strathalbyn district.

    Where is the Scottish Festival in Strathalbyn?

    Glenbarr Located on the Paris Creek Road north of the town, the two storey dwelling, Glenbarr, was built by William Rankine in 1842 and is now the centre of Scottish activity in the district. It has a small chapel and is used each year for the town’s Scottish Festival, the Glenbarr Highland Gathering.

    How many buildings are in Strathalbyn, South Australia?

    Strathalbyn has 44 buildings of historic interest. There is a Strathalbyn – A Walk Around The Town brochure, available at the Visitor Information Centre, which provides an excellent map and detailed information for the visitor. 1.

    Who is the local historian in Strathalbyn?

    Brian, a local Strathalbyn historian and author of many books, has painstakingly researched Strathalbyn’s local history for the last 17 years, scouring the local past newspapers “Southern Argus” and “The Observer”, Government publications, Trove and local oral histories.

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