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Is the Ninja 250 reliable?

Is the Ninja 250 reliable?

The reliability of the Ninja is simply fantastic and will continue to run tens of thousands of miles with just oil changes and new tires. Even if you do run into some trouble, the Ninja 250 has had few mechanical adjustments since the late 80’s; which means that parts for this motorcycle are EVERYWHERE!

How fast does a Ninja 250R go?

Performance, Mileage & Top Speed

Maximum Power 36.2 HP @ 12,500 RPM
Peak Torque 23 NM @ 10,000 RPM
Mileage 32 kmpl
Top Speed 175+ km/h
0-100 KMPH* 6 s

Is Hyosung gt250r worth buying?

The riding experience is too good. Because of the 2 cylinder engine the bike stands out from all other bikes. The look of the bike is just awesome and it looks like a heavy priced bike. If you are planning to buy a bike within 4 lakhs this is a good option you can consider.

Is the Ninja 250r a good beginner bike?

When considering starting out on a sport bike, you’ll need to know all of the good beginner sport bikes that exist. A Ninja 250 is a great starting point!

When did I get my Kawasaki Ninja 250?

Write a review on ! I got the ninja 250 (the cool green one) in January 2011 and have been riding it for about six months. It’s the first bike I had owned and rode in over 20 years so I was really starting from scratch in terms of experience. This is a forgiving bike and ideal for us learners.

What is the weight of a Kawasaki Ninja?

A brave move by Kawasaki because the Ninja is virtually in a class of its own. Trend setting? Maybe. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is a lithesome agile number that makes the most of narrow tyres, high-ish bars and minimalist 154 dry weight figure.

What kind of engine does a Kawasaki 250R have?

A major overhaul of the old, forgotten about ZZ-R/GPX 250 engine has bought Kawasaki Ninja 250R bang up date by being environmentally friendly and as easy to use as a Raleigh bicycle.

What kind of fork does a Ninja 250R have?

A 37mm telescopic front fork with firm settings contribute to the Ninja 250R’s smooth, stable handling and enhanced ride control, as does a Uni-Trak rear suspension that complements the rigid frame and provides great road holding ability. 4.8 gal.

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