What is a reformer in insights?

What is a reformer in insights?

Reformers are critical and rigorous thinkers who drive for results and who set very high standards for themselves and others. Their competitive drive for outcomes is counterbalanced by a restraining need for excellence, even perfection.

What do the insights colors mean?

Based on the two axes defined by Carl Jung, Insights Discovery has defined THE FOUR COLORS OF INSIGHTS DISCOVERY, which are shown above. Each color has its own strengths and weaknesses. Red are the extravert thinkers. Yellow people are the extravert feelers.

What does the insights wheel mean?

The Insights Team Wheel gives team members an opportunity to better understand the behavioural styles of their colleagues in a holistic and visual manner. It plots the wheel positions of team members showing the “big picture and overall team dynamic”, highlighting their dominant colour.

What is Insights Discovery preference flow?

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on Jungian psychology, which uses a four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviours. The tool is hugely popular within businesses and can be used for individual performance development or wider team development.

What is a reformer personality type?

Enneagram type 1 is called the reformer. At their best, they have a sense of duty or mission to make things better in the world. They can see what things could be and enjoy bringing them to life. In times of disintegration (unhealthy) they can be forceful, judgmental or condescending.

What is a director personality type?

Director is one of four personality types you could have based on common personality profile assessments. The others are analytical, amiable and expressive. Director personalities are dreamers, goal-oriented and have a desire for a prominent role in an organization.

How do you use insights?

View Story insights.

  1. Open the hamburger menu and click “Insights.”
  2. Measure reach.
  3. Track profile visits and followers.
  4. Determine website clicks.
  5. Track content interactions.
  6. Track your followers.
  7. Learn which actions were taken on your post.
  8. Use “Discovery” to see where your post showed up in feeds.

How much does an insights profile cost?

It will cost you £270+vat. This includes an online discovery profile worth £80, Insights blocks resource worth £6, a course booklet, 2GB USB stick containing relevant files, course administration, planning, delivery, photocopying, certification, unlimited refreshments and a two-course luncheon.

What are the discovery insights personality profiles?

Key chapters of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile can include:

  • Strengths, weaknesses and value to the team.
  • Management – how you like to manage and be managed.
  • Communication style.
  • Sales effectiveness.
  • Creating your ideal working environment.

What are the qualities of a reformer?


  • Strong Conscience.
  • Hard-Working.
  • Responsible.
  • Honest.
  • Dependable.
  • Practical.
  • Self-Controlled.

What makes you an insights discovery reformer type?

You are likely to be an Insights Discovery Reformer type. Your competitive drive for outcomes is counterbalanced by a restraining need for excellence and perfection. Their inner drive consists of deep thought at speed and attention to the task in hand, their reactions are tempered by a wish to explore all possible solutions before deciding.

Why do we need primary insights type reformers?

Every team and organization would benefit from having the Primary Insights Type Reformer on their team. They keep standards and ethics high and make sure everyone else is on task as much as they are.

What are the insights of the observing reformer?

Of all the Insights preferences the observing reformer is among the most visionary and their gift is their independence of thought. They tend to be intellectuals who develop a vision of the world in their head that is more perfect than reality.

Which is the best description of a reformer?

Reformers are self-disciplined with high standards and ethics with a reasonable and responsible approach to all that they do. The reformer is Carl Gustav Jung’s ‘Thinking’ type – they make decisions by thinking.

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