Who lived in Villandry?

Who lived in Villandry?

The chateau of Villandry is inhabited since the Renaissance. Each owner, including Jean Le Breton, minister of Francis I, the Marquis de Castellane, ambassador of Louis XV, Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon I, Joachim Carvallo, helped to make Villandry one of the most beautiful chateaux of the Loire.

Who built Villandry?

Jean Le Breton
Villandry, village, Indre-et-Loire département, Centre région, central France. It is situated along the Cher River southwest of Tours and is the site of a château built in 1532 by Jean Le Breton, the secretary of state for Francis I.

What is Villandry famous for?

Villandry is renowned for its magnificent French formal gardens which provide an enchanting setting for the last Loire château built during the Renaissance. The history of the domain is intricately linked to that of the Carvallo family, who restored it to its former glory.

Why was the Château de Villandry built?

They were acquired in the early 16th century by Jean Le Breton, France’s Controller-General for War under King Francis I, and a new château was constructed around the original 14th-century keep where King Philip II of France once met Richard I of England to discuss peace.

How many rooms are in the Château de Villandry?

fifteen rooms
ALIVING,FURNISHED CASTLE… The castle is a friendly, welcoming family place, in which visitors can easily see themselves, and where it is pleasant to just wander round. Today there are some fifteen rooms to visit, each one different from the next, furnished in a harmonious style and decorated with taste.

What famous person lived in the Chateau of Clos Luce in the town of Amboise?

Leonardo da Vinci
Built by Hugues d’Amboise in 1471, the palace has known several famous owners such as the French king Charles VIII and Leonardo da Vinci. Clos Lucé is 500 metres from the royal Château d’Amboise, to which it is connected by an underground passageway.

How many rooms are in the Chateau de Villandry?

Who was the owner of Villandry Castle in France?

After being held by Jean le Breton’s family for two centuries, Villandry Castle then changed hands many times, its value often underestimated. In 1754, Villandry Castle was acquired by Marquis Michel-Ange of Castellane (1703-1782), Brigadier of the King’s Armies and Ambassador under Louis XV to the Ottoman Empire from 1741 to 1747.

How many people go to Villandry a year?

Villandry contains one of the last of the great Renaissance chateaux built in the Loire Valley and today attracts more than 350,000 visitors per year who come here to admire the beautiful, diverse and harmonious estate’s fine setting. Villandry, the castle’s vegetable garden and Saint-Étienne Church © Calips – Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

What did Marquis de Castellane do to Villandry?

The defensive architecture was pared down, opened up and enhanced with elements of Renaissance décor. In the 18th century, the Marquis de Castellane moved into Villandry and made some major changes to transform the building into a warm, bright and comfortable home that reflected the art of living at that time.

When is the gardens of Villandry open to the public?

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. THE GARDENS ARE OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 9:30 AM TO 6:30 PM. The chateau will be open to visitors from May 21, 2021. at the ticket office will be compulsory. The gardens of Villandry are one of the few places in France to be open every day of the year.

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