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What is Fort McKay known for?

What is Fort McKay known for?

Fort McKay was established in 1820 by the Hudson Bay Company as a trading post but was not known as Fort McKay until it was named after Dr. Williams Morrison McKay in 1917. While the oil sands industry is the primary employer in Fort McKay, forestry, hunting and trapping remain to be a part of the local economy.

Where is Fort McKay First Nation?

Fort McKay is located along the banks of the Athabasca River roughly 60 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. There are approximately 800 members of Dene, Cree and Métis descent who live in the community of Fort McKay.

How big is Fort McKay reserve?

148.86 km2
Fort McKay First Nation

Headquarters Fort McKay
Province Alberta
Reserve(s) Fort McKay 174 Fort McKay 174C Fort McKay 174D Namur Lake 174B Namur River 174A
Land area 148.86 km2

Who owns Fort McKay Group of Companies?

Fort McKay First Nation
Fully owned by Fort McKay First Nation, Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC) began in 1986 with six employees and a single janitorial contract. Since then we have aggressively taken advantage of our close proximity to the oil sands, establishing companies that provide both revenue and opportunity to our community.

Who is the chief of Fort McKay?

Mel Grandjamb
Mel Grandjamb was elected chief of Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN) on April 5, 2019.

Is Fort Chipewyan a reserve?

Once in Fort Chipewyan, members were deemed to be living off-reserve and were no longer protected by tax and other exemptions under the Indian Act. The Indian Act and treaties signed between the Crown and First Nations exempt band members from paying tax on personal property and income that’s situated on their reserve.

What treaty is Fort McMurray in?

Fort McMurray First Nation traces its ancestry to the Woodland and Plains Cree and also the Chipewyan and Beaver people of Alberta (FMcFN 2006). Fort McMurray First Nation signed adhesion to Treaty 8 in 1899, after which time the band was referred to as the “Cree-Chipewyan Band of Fort McMurray”.

What animals are in Fort Chipewyan?

Fort Chipewyan is the launch point for your adventure into Wood Buffalo National Park. This UNESCO Heritage Site is home to the world’s largest free roaming herd of buffalo and over 200 species of migratory birds, including the most famous and rarest – the whooping crane.

Is there a town or city in Fort Chipewyan?

Nestled on the northwest shore of Lake Athabasca, Fort Chipewyan is one of the most northern communities in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Isolated by nature, Fort Chipewyan can only be accessed by plane or boat in the summer and by a winter road in the winter.

What land is Fort McMurray on?

Fort McMurray First Nation is a Cree and Chipewyan band government located near Fort McMurray, Alberta….Fort McMurray First Nation.

Province Alberta
Reserve(s) Clearwater 175 Gregoire Lake 176 Gregoire Lake 176A Gregoire Lake 176B
Land area 32.317 km2
Population (October 2019)

How many bands are in the Treaty 8?

It was estimated that Treaty Eight negotiations would encompass 2700 Indians and 1700 mixed bloods or Métis, whose rights also had to be considered.

Can you drive to Fort Chipewyan?

It’s not impossible to drive to Fort Chipewyan — except in spring, summer, and fall, when the terrain is impassable — but it’s really not easy. The winter road, over frozen wetlands, is 277km (168 miles), but it’s slow going — as long as 10 hours, by most estimates.

Where does the Fort McKay First Nation Live?

Fort McKay is located along the banks of the Athabasca River roughly 60 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. There are approximately 800 members of Dene, Cree and Métis descent who live in the community of Fort McKay. We share a border with the Fort McKay Métis Community and, together, we call Fort McKay home.

How tall is the town of Fort McKay?

It is approximately 54 km (34 mi) north of Fort McMurray via Highway 63 and Fort McKay Road. The community has an elevation of 260 m (850 ft). The majority of the community is situated on lands of the Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN).

What kind of services does Fort McKay do?

For over 30 years Fort McKay Group of Companies LP has been providing a variety of services to the Canadian Oil Sands. We currently have long-term contracts in earthworks, logistics, site services, fuel and lube delivery, environmental services and land leasing operations.

Where are the industrial parks in Fort McKay?

Set along the Athabasca River, Fort McKay industrial parks are centrally located and feature more than 70 lots designed to suit your business needs. For the thirteenth year in a row, Fort McKay Group of Companies has hosted a fantastic gold tournament, raising funds for the Fort McKay School and the Fort McKay E-Learning Centre.

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