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What is consonant digraph ch?

What is consonant digraph ch?

Other Consonant Sounds. More Lessons On English Grammar. A consonant digraph is made up from two consonants which join together to produce a single sound. The most common consonant digraphs are ch-, sh-, th-, ph- and wh-.

What is a Diagraph in a story?

A story narrated plainly fails to be effective. Digraphs are an inevitable element of English language teaching. + Digraph– When two consonants or two vowels appear together such that both the consonants and vowels represent a single sound then it is called consonant digraph or vowel digraph respectively.

What is the consonant sound of ch?

The consonant digraph (ch) has three different sounds, the most common of which is the “ch” heard in chimney and much. “ch” is also presented as ch=sh and ch=k. Consonant digraphs are two-letter combination which result in one speech sound (not a blend)….Read these words.

chain cheek chimney
ditch porch watch

How do you introduce a digraph ch?

Consonant digraphs are two letters that work together to represent a single sound, like: ch in chain….Activities like:

  1. Cut and Match.
  2. Draw the Words.
  3. Draw and Match.
  4. Un-Jumble the Words.
  5. Choose the Correct Spelling.
  6. Find the Words.
  7. Word Hunt.
  8. Word Triangles.

What is th and ch?

Just like ‘sh’ and ‘ch’, ‘th’ is a consonant digraph that makes just one sound. the they them there three mother father brother both.

Are double letters digraphs?

English. English has both homogeneous digraphs (doubled letters) and heterogeneous digraphs (digraphs consisting of two different letters).

How do you read ch?

English. In English, ch is most commonly pronounced as [tʃ], as in chalk, cheese, cherry, church, much, etc. Ch can also be pronounced as [k], as in ache, choir, school and stomach. Most words with this pronunciation of ch find their origin in Greek words with the letter chi, like mechanics, chemistry and character.

Is ch a blend or digraph?

A digraph contains two consonants and only makes one sound such as sh, /sh/. (ch, wh, th, ck) A blend contains two consonants but they each make their own sound, such as /s/ and /l/, /sl/ (st, fl, sk, gr, sw, ect.)

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