What are the items used in Yoruba traditional marriage?

What are the items used in Yoruba traditional marriage?

Eru Iyawo/ Yoruba Engagement List: See What Is Inside (Grooms Guide for Budgeting)

  • 1 Bible.
  • Engagement ring.
  • 1 box/ suitcase of clothes.
  • An Umbrella.
  • Yams (42 big tubers)
  • Palm Oil and Vegetable Oil (25 Litres)
  • Honey (1 bottle)
  • Kolanut (or Obi in Yoruba language; 25 pieces)

How traditional wedding is done in Yoruba land?

The main steps of traditional marriage in Yorubaland Before Nigerian Yoruba traditional wedding, a man makes a choice and then his family make an investigation. After that, the family chooses Alarina who plays the role of middleman and with his or her help, the investigation of a future wife begins.

What is wedding called in Yoruba?

The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony, also known as the Yoruba Engagement ceremony, or Igbeyawo in Yoruba, usually takes place days, weeks or even months before the white wedding ceremony. Some families choose to hold both weddings on the same day.

Who pays for a Nigerian wedding?

Traditionally, or should I say in the past the parents used to pay for the wedding but nowadays you see couples paying for their weddings. It all depends on the family. The other side of this is tradition, in the Yoruba tribe the bride’s family pays for majority of the wedding.

What to buy before getting married?

15 Things to Buy Once You Get Engaged

  • Ring Box.
  • Wedding Planner & Organizer.
  • Bridal-Shower Dress.
  • Wedding-Day Emergency Kit.
  • Gift for Your Groom.
  • Gifts for the Bridal Party.
  • Rehearsal-Dinner Outfit.
  • Getting-Ready Robe.

Who pays for traditional wedding in Nigeria?

Marriage license and any applicable fees. The bridal party is responsible for paying for the cost of their attire, their accommodation and transportation. The bridal party and friends of the couple can and should help pay for the bridal showers, bachelorette party, and bachelor’s party.

How long is a Yoruba wedding?

How long is a Nigerian wedding ceremony? Nigerian nuptial ceremonies are typically between 30 minutes to one hour long while the reception generally lasts anywhere from four to six hours so there’s enough time for outfit changes and sufficient dancing.

Who pays for the wedding in Nigeria?

How to plan a wedding in the Yoruba tribe?

However, before a traditional wedding can take place in the Yoruba tribe; there’s a list of items to be brought by the groom’s family called Engagement List popularly called “Eru Iyawo” in the Yoruba language. 1 The Yoruba Traditional Wedding List – What you should know? 2.2 Who is Alaga Iduro? 4 How do you plan a Yoruba Wedding? 5.1.1 1.

How are cash gifts spent at a Yoruba wedding?

How these cash gifts are spent is that during the traditional engagement/ wedding, the Alaga, who is the traditional wedding master of ceremony, playfully ‘nudges the groom to pay’ before his bride is unveiled or before receiving her parents’ consent (to marry her) and so on.

How does engagement list differ in different Yoruba villages?

On how the basic engagement list varies slightly across different Yoruba towns and villages, one of our readers (Seun) added that “Some Yoruba parents of brides ask the groom for specific gifts or contributions towards the traditional wedding reception catering (food and drinks), to support feeding of guests”.

How much does a bride cost in Yorubaland?

There are no specified amounts for the random cash gifts, and so the groom can give whatever he desires. So, How Much is Bride Price in Yorubaland? The Yoruba bride price is only N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) across most Yoruba states and villages.

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