What ocean lies north of North America?

What ocean lies north of North America?

North America is bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by the North Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west by the North Pacific Ocean.

What two oceans are off the coasts of North America?


Continent Country Pacific Ocean
North America Canada North Pacific
North America US (Alaska) North Pacific
North America US (Lower 48) North Pacific
North America Mexico Pacific Ocean

What is the main ocean in North America?

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean
Surface area 106,460,000 km2 (41,100,000 sq mi) North Atlantic: 41,490,000 km2 (16,020,000 sq mi), South Atlantic 40,270,000 km2 (15,550,000 sq mi)
Average depth 3,646 m (11,962 ft)
Max. depth Puerto Rico Trench 8,376 m (27,480 ft)
Water volume 310,410,900 km3 (74,471,500 cu mi)

What ocean is the most traveled?

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of Earth’s five oceans, the most heavily traveled, and the most intensely studied, principally because of its importance in ship traffic between Europe and North America. This ocean’s name is derived from Atlas, one of the Titans of Greek mythology.

What is the youngest ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean is the world’s saltiest sea with a water salinity level of between 33 – 37 parts per thousand. It’s the world’s youngest ocean, formed long after the Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans of the Triassic Period.

How long will it take to walk from South America to North America?

A couple dozen people have completed a cross-country trek on foot. Based upon their journeys, you can expect it to take about six months to complete such a trip if you’re well-prepared.

What Ocean borders the eastern US?

As the second largest ocean basin, the Atlantic Ocean borders the east coast of the U.S., while the Pacific, Earth’s largest ocean basin, borders the U.S. West Coast.

Is the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast?

The Atlantic Ocean is on the East Coast of the United States.

Is the Arctic Ocean east of North America?

North America is one of the continents that border three oceans. The North American continent is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Does Russia touch the Atlantic Ocean?

Which is Ocean borders the west coast of North America?

On the west coast is the Pacific Ocean. To the south of North America is another continent, South America. In the Atlantic Ocean, you can go swimming and fishing. Many people take cruises across the Atlantic Ocean in order to get to Europe. There are many ports and major cities located on the coast so that it borders the Atlantic Ocean.

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