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What Delegate District is Fairfax County?

What Delegate District is Fairfax County?

Virginia’s 41st House of Delegates district elects one of 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, the lower house of the state’s bicameral legislature. District 41 represents part of Fairfax County, Virginia. The seat is currently held by Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn.

What district number is Fairfax County?

Virginia’s 11th Congressional District is the heart and soul of Northern Virginia. It encompasses the City of Fairfax, most of Fairfax County, and most of Prince William County.

Who is in charge of Fairfax County?

Jeffrey C. McKay
Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay is a lifelong Fairfax County resident, born and raised on the historic Route One Corridor. As Chairman, he represents Fairfax County’s 1.2 million residents.

Who represents Fairfax County in Congress?

Congressman Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 11th District, which includes Fairfax County, Prince William County, the towns of Dumfries and Herndon, and the City of Fairfax in Northern Virginia.

Who is Virginia’s state delegate?

Virginia House of Delegates
Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D) since January 8, 2020
Majority Leader Charniele Herring (D) since January 8, 2020
Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R) since January 8, 2020
Clerk Suzette Denslow since January 8, 2020

How many terms can a Fairfax County board member serve?

The Board elects the vice chairman annually from among its members at its first meeting in January. Board members are elected for four-year terms. There is no legal limit to the number of terms a member can serve.

Which level of government makes ordinances for Fairfax County?

The Board of Supervisors establishes county government policy, passes resolutions and ordinances (within the limits of its authority established by the Virginia General Assembly), approves the budget, sets local tax rates, approves land use plans and makes appointments to various positions.

How long are Fairfax County Board members elected for?

Board members are elected for four-year terms.

Who is the mayor of Fairfax County?

Mayor David L. Meyer | City of Fairfax, VA.

How many House of Delegates are in Virginia?

Virginia House of Delegates
Seats 100
Political groups Majority Democratic (55) Minority Republican (45)
Length of term 2 years
Authority Article IV, Virginia Constitution

Who are the Democratic senators in Congress?

List of senators

State Senator Party
California Dianne Feinstein Democratic
Alex Padilla Democratic
Colorado Michael Bennet Democratic
John Hickenlooper Democratic

How to contact candidates in Fairfax County VA?

For information and restrictions in the County of Fairfax, call (703) 324-4300. For information and restrictions in the Town of Herndon, call (703) 787-7380. For information and restrictions in the Town of Vienna, call (703) 255-6341. For information and restrictions in the Town of Clifton, call (703) 830-2727

Can you post political signs in Fairfax County?

Fee schedule will be updated prior to the 2023 election cycle. Fairfax County candidates who wish to post political signs must comply with local ordinance, Chapter 9.5 of Title 24.2, Code of Virginia. State law prohibits posting political campaign signs on roads and medians.

Who are the constitutional officers in Fairfax County?

The Constitutional Officers (Commonwealth’s Attorney and Sheriff) are shared with the City of Fairfax. If a candidate lives in the City, he/she pays the fee to the Treasurer of Fairfax City. If a candidate lives in the County, he/she pays the fee to the Fairfax County Director of Finance. (§ 24.2-524)

How to view the Virginia House of Delegates?

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