Is Cub Sport Australian?

Is Cub Sport Australian?

Cub Sport is an Australian pop group from Brisbane, Queensland. The band is composed of singer/songwriter/producer Tim Nelson, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Zoe Davis, keyboardist/vocalist Sam “Bolan” Netterfield and drummer Dan Puusaari.

What genre is Cub sport?

Cub Sport/Genres

Where is Cubsport?

Brisbane, Australia
Cub Sport/Origin

How old is Tim Nelson?

57 years (May 11, 1964)
Tim Blake Nelson/Age

Is Cub Sport married?

Cub Sport bandmates Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield have officially tied the knot, after announcing their engagement back in July 2017.

What school did Cub sport go to?

“Since (The Courier Mail) decided to shout out the school we went to I’d just like to specify that Northside Christian College is a literal homophobic hellscape,” the band wrote on Twitter this morning.

Who is in the band Lime Cordiale?

Louis Leimbach
Oliver Leimbach
Lime Cordiale/Members

Can Tim Blake Nelson really sing?

Tim Blake Nelson did a bit of his own singing, though. Nelson plays Delmar O’Donnell, another of the escapees, and sings his own parts in “In the Jailhouse Now.”

How tall is Tim Blake?

5′ 5″
Tim Blake Nelson/Height

Why is it called Lime Cordiale?

It was in the South of France, the festival was called Music Cordiale, it sort of means sweetly, beautifully, as if it’s to cordially invite somebody. We sort of stole half of their name and attached half of ours and stuck a pun to the front of it.

Is Lime Cordiale an Australian band?

Lime Cordiale are an Australian pop rock group from Sydney, New South Wales, formed in 2009. The band consists of brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, with additional touring members James Jennings, Felix Bornholt and Nicholas Polovineo. They released their debut studio album Permanent Vacation in 2017.

Where does the band Cub Sport come from?

Cub Sport is an independent Australian alt-pop group from Brisbane, Queensland.

When did Cub Sport release their first album?

In November 2018, Cub Sport were inaugural winner of the ARIA Emerging Artist Scholarship. Cub Sport was released on 18 January 2019 via the band’s own imprint, Cub Sport Records and peaked at number 12 on the ARIA Charts.

When did Cub Sport come out in Australia?

Cub Sport was released on 18 January 2019 via the band’s own imprint, Cub Sport Records and peaked at number 12 on the ARIA Charts.

Who was the original drummer for the band Cub?

The group was emblematic of the twee pop and cuddlecore style. At their cozy, casual live shows, they sometimes played in their pajamas, and gave out presents to audience members. The group’s original drummer, Valeria Fellini, was replaced by Lisa G. in 1994. Neko Case played drums on some early recordings and on tour in later years.


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