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How do I contact Mark Bertolini?

How do I contact Mark Bertolini?


What is Bertolini salary?

What is the salary of Mark Bertolini? As the Independent Director of Verizon Communications Inc, the total compensation of Mark Bertolini at Verizon Communications Inc is $320,667. There are 10 executives at Verizon Communications Inc getting paid more, with Hans Vestberg having the highest compensation of $18,095,400.

How old is Bertolini?

About 65 years (1956)
Mark Bertolini/Age

Mark T. Bertolini (born 1956) is an American businessman who was the CEO of Aetna, a Fortune 50 diversified health care benefits company with over $60 billion in 2015 revenue. Bertolini assumed the role of CEO on November 29, 2010 and of Chairman on April 8, 2011 until Aetna was sold to CVS on November 28, 2018.

Who is the CEO of Aetna health insurance?

Mark T. Bertolini
Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark T. Bertolini was named to Fortune’s 2015 list of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.

How much money does the CEO of Aetna make?

Here’s what five payer CEOs made last year: Centene CEO Michael Neidorff: $24,956,777 (down 5.6 percent from 2019) CVS Health (Aetna) CEO Larry Merlo: $23,043,822 (down 37 percent from 2019)

How much does the CEO of Aetna?

But a more recent compensation analysis puts the figure higher. A consultant who works to help companies increase shareholder value calculates that when CVS buys Aetna at $207 per share, Bertolini’s 10-year compensation will reach $640 million. That, he asserts, means Aetna’s CEO is being overpaid by $440 million.

What did the CEO of Aetna make in 2020?

CVS Health (Aetna) CEO Larry Merlo: $23,043,822 (down 37 percent from 2019) Cigna CEO David Cordani: $19,929,493 (up 3.2 percent from 2019)

Who is the new CEO of Aetna?

Mark Bertolini (Nov 29, 2010–)

How much is the CEO of CVS worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Larry J Merlo is at least $103 Million dollars as of 26 March 2021. Mr. Merlo owns over 271,347 units of CVS Health Corp stock worth over $66,697,073 and over the last 18 years he sold CVS stock worth over $0.

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