What is Moroccan tadelakt?

What is Moroccan tadelakt?

What is tadelakt? Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan wall surfacing technique composed of lime plaster and black soap made from olives. When the ingredients are combined, a chemical reaction between the two creates a waterproof membrane, making tadelakt walls suitable for wet areas like showers and baths.

What is Cadillac plaster?

Tadelakt is a word derived from Arabic meaning to knead or massage. It is a traditional Moroccan plaster technique used originally to waterproof cisterns for the storing of drinking water. Tadelakt has been used externally in Morocco for 1000 years and survives today on some historic buildings.

Can you tadelakt over tiles?

Apply Tadelakt on tiles and thus avoid annoying building dust. The tiles or flagstones are degreased first. Basically, this was already the most necessary effort for the desired plaster base, on which all mineral plasters, such as Tadelakt, can now be applied.

Can I do Tadelakt myself?

You can apply the best Tadelakt Moroccan plaster yourself using a range of specialised tools. The final step is to seal the plaster and make it waterproof by applying an olive oil soap solution. You can reapply this solution every few years to ensure the Tadelakt finish remains sealed.

Can you use tadelakt on shower floors?

Tadelakt is designed for use in wet areas like showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes. It can also be used for decorative dry area applications, and outdoors. Tadelakt not only offers a beautiful finish, but it also helps to provide a healthy living environment.

Can you use tadelakt on floors?

Tadelakt can be used on floors as well, but is only recommended for use in areas where hard shoes will not be worn because the surface can be scratched by grit and small stones. The product can be coloured with natural earth pigments or with synthetic pigments to offer a broader range of choices.

How expensive is Tadelakt?

tadelakt is priced at £147.50 per square metre. this price covers a tadelakt application to correctly prepared walls (please refer to our substrate guide for details on how we would like the background prepared). it includes all materials, labour and accommodation within england and wales.

How do you polish Tadelakt?

Tadelakt should therefore only be cleaned and maintained with Corfu Soap, Polishing Soap or Olive Care Soap from Kreidezeit. After complete drying of the new Tadelakt surfaces, but at the latest after two days, apply diluted Polishing Soap evenly with a soft brush.

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