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Are Aleks knowledge checks timed?

Are Aleks knowledge checks timed?

If your course has Objectives, you may get a Knowledge Check after you complete each one. The system tracks all Knowledge Checks in your course so that you don’t get too many in a short time span. The timing of the Knowledge Checks is strategic, with the goal of helping you master the content and not forgetting it.

How long is Aleks initial knowledge check?

THE ALEKS STUDENT EXPERIENCE When students first log on to ALEKS they take the Initial Knowledge Check, which is a 25-30 question adaptive assessment. ALEKS chooses each question based on the student’s answers to all of the previous questions.

What is a good Aleks math score?

ALEKS scores of 30 or higher reflect adequate preparation for college-level math. ALEKS scores cannot be interpreted in the same way as exam grades.

How do you pay for Aleks?

Just log in to your ALEKS account and under the Inactive Classes section under your My Classes page, find your class, then under the menu bar in the top right, select Extend Access. Follow the steps to enter a new Access Code or purchase one directly online.

How do students sign up for Aleks?

Step 1: Go to and select SIGN UP NOW! under the Registered Users box. Step 2: Enter the 10-character class code provided by your instructor and click Continue. Step 4: Select whether or not you have used ALEKS before and click on Continue.

How do I take the Aleks test?

1) Go to and log in with the username and password emailed to you. 2) The first time you log in you will see a short animated introduction to ALEKS. 3) You will then be asked a few survey questions about when you last studied math, and what level. 4) You will be guided through the ALEKS Tools Tutorial.

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