Who won Leadville 100 today?

Who won Leadville 100 today?

Keegan Swenson
Keegan Swenson came out on top to win the 2021 Leadville Trail 100 on Saturday. The American beat Lachlan Morton (EF Education Nippo) by close to eight minutes, finishing the race in a time of six hours and 11 minutes. Howard Grotts completed the podium, finishing over ten minutes behind Swenson.

How long does it take to run 100 miles?

A 100 mile run can take just 12 hours for the most elite runners and as long as 48 hours for the back of the pack racers. There are so many factors that can vary finishing times. Things like trail vs road, flat vs hilly and the conditioning of the person running.

Is Leadville the highest city in the United States?

Leadville – 10,152 ft (3,094 m) Leadville is the highest elevated city in the United States of America, and the second highest community in Colorado. Colorado’s two highest peaks can be seen from town, Mount Elbert (14,440′) and Mount Massive (14,430′).

How are the spots allocated for the Leadville half marathon?

Half of the qualifying spots will be allocated based on the top age-group performances and half will be drawn among runners who have finished the qualifier race within the allocated cut-off time. Qualifying slots will be distributed at the Awards Ceremony.

Do you need a mask to run the Leadville Trail Marathon?

There is no on-site registration. There will be no changes permitted to your original race distance registration. 2.) In alignment with CDC guidelines and the recent advisement with the Lake County Health Department, masks will no longer be required to wear at the event.

How tall is the highest pass on the Leadville Trail?

The course is primarily on old mining roads and trails, topping out at 13,185 feet at Mosquito Pass. This is the HIGHEST continuous pass in the country! There is a chance you’ll see snow on the course. The courses will be well marked with fluorescent pink-and-black striped ribbon and flour arrows on the ground.

How many qualifiers are there for Leadville 100?

Each Leadville Qualifying Series race provides 25-100 qualifying slots to the Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by La Sportiva, based on the total number of registered racers at each qualifier event.

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