Does Flash still play StarCraft?

Does Flash still play StarCraft?

He made his debut as a StarCraft: Brood War player in 2007 and retired on December 19, 2015. Lee began playing StarCraft II competitively in 2011, until his retirement in December 2015….Flash (gamer)

Games StarCraft StarCraft II
Playing career 2007–present
Role Random (Formerly Terran)
Team history

What race is Flash?

Legendary StarCraft player Lee “Flash” Young-ho has played Terran as his race for the past 13 years, but as of April 19, 2020, has officially switched his race to random.

Where did Jaedong win his first StarCraft tournament?

Jaedong’s first official return to the tournament scene was displayed at the KT Giga Showmatch. Here, Jaedong defeated Stork in the semifinals but lost to Bisu, 1-2, in the finals. His first off-line tournament will be the Afreeca Starleague Season 2.

When did Jaedong leave Evil Geniuses Starcraft 2?

Jaedong’s dominance led to his inclusion as one of the four members of TaekBangLeeSsang . After switching to StarCraft II and playing for Evil Geniuses for 4 years, he retired on November 1, 2016. Jaedong started streaming BW on Afreeca on November 12, 2016 .

When did Flash become the youngest StarCraft champion?

In 2008, Flash’s career reached new heights when he defeated Stork in the finals of the 2008 Bacchus OSL and became the youngest Starleague champion ever at 15, defeating top players such as Jaedong and Bisu along the way.

What kind of player is flash in StarCraft?

Flash epitomizes the well-rounded StarCraft player, combining strategic versatility, decision making, and mechanics. During his early years in the StarCraft progaming scene, Flash often preferred strong late game macro-oriented builds, and excelled in defensive play.

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