Who were the original Modernaires?

Who were the original Modernaires?

The members were Hal Dickinson, Chuck Goldstein, and Bill Conway. (Jay Warner, in his book American Singing Groups: A History from 1940s to Today, wrote, “They called themselves Three Weary Willies”. He added that the trio performed as Don Juan and Two and Three when they “headed for New York in the mid-’30s”.)

Who sang in the Modernaires?

Paula Kelly, the former lead vocalist of the Modernaires, who not only became well known for her appearances with the Glenn Miller orchestra in the 1940s but continued to ride the crest of the Miller nostalgia tide many years later, died Thursday.

Did frank sinatra sing with the Modernaires?

The Modernaires were handpicked by Frank Sinatra in 1950 to back him up, as the group continued to record and perform steadily until 1958.

Did Betty Hutton sing with Glenn Miller?

Hutton was discovered by Glenn Miller and was invited to join the Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1938. Marion Hutton considered herself more an entertainer than a singer. Hutton remained an important part of the Miller band. She remained with Miller on and off, until the orchestra disbanded in 1942.

Is Betty Hutton still alive?

Deceased (1921–2007)
Betty Hutton/Living or Deceased

Was Glenn Miller’s body ever found?

The aircraft and its three occupants have never been found. TIGHAR said it remains a “possibility” it was Miller’s plane. An area off Portland Bill could be where the wreckage of the aircraft of Glenn Miller is located, US investigators have said.

Did Betty Hutton have a nervous breakdown?

In June 1967, in spite of having made enormous salaries in the past, Hutton declared bankruptcy, listing debts of $150,000. There followed years of drug abuse and alcoholism. A falling out with her children and a suicide attempt eventually resulted in a nervous breakdown.

Did Betty Hutton do her own singing in Annie Get Your Gun?

30, 2015, asking who dubbed Betty Hutton in “Annie Get Your Gun.” I want to share that Miss Hutton did her own singing and was never dubbed in any of her films. Hutton was a singer who got her start as a singer for Vincent Lopez’s orchestra.

Who was supposed to play Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun but was eventually replaced?

Betty Hutton was then chosen to played Annie Oakley, with Howard Keel (making his American film debut) as Frank Butler and Benay Venuta as Dolly Tate. Louis Calhern played Buffalo Bill, replacing Frank Morgan, who died in 1949.

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