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What happened to Xively?

What happened to Xively?

Google announced today that it intends to buy Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million, giving Google Cloud an established IoT platform to add to their product portfolio.

What is IoT architecture?

IoT system architecture is often described as a four-stage process in which data flows from sensors attached to “things” through a network and eventually on to a corporate data center or the cloud for processing, analysis and storage. In the Internet of Things, a “thing” could be a machine, a building or even a person.

What is the difference between Xively data stream and a channel?

Xively device: It is your “device” or the IoT project you are building. Consider it as an envelope containing the data. Channels: It is the streaming coming from your sensors. Usually, the channel number is equal to the sensor number (as long as you want to monitor them all).

What is the changed domain name for Xively?

In July 2011, Pachube announced that they had been acquired by LogMeIn and renamed to Cosm. Cosm came out of beta development and was rebranded as Xively to become a Public Cloud for the IoT in May 2013. Google purchased Xively from LogMeIn on March 20, 2018.

What is Nimbits?

Nimbits is a platform as a service (PaaS) you can use to develop software and hardware solutions that seamlessly connect to the cloud and each other. Nimbits Server is the core – it provides REST web services for logging and retrieving time and geo stamped data (such as a reading from a temperature sensor).

What service does the Internet of things of AWS provide?

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. AWS IoT Core can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to AWS endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely.

Which protocol is lightweight?

The MQTT protocol is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT connectivity protocol. MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol that works with a broker-based publish-subscribe mechanism and runs on top of Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Which Mcq is lightweight protocol?

Which protocol is lightweight? Explanation: MQTT is a lightweight protocol that runs on top of the TCP/IP protocol and works with publish subscribe mechanism. 6.

What is Nimbits in IOT?

Nimbits [13] is an open source data logging Cloud server built on Cloud computing architecture that provides connectivity between the Internet of Things using data points. Users can use Nimbits to record and share sensor data on the Cloud freely.

What is meant by cloud architecture?

Cloud architecture defines the technology components that are combined to build a cloud, where resources are pooled through virtualization technology and shared across a network. A front-end platform (the client or device used to access the cloud) One or more back-end platforms (servers and storage)

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