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What is a good Comlex Level 2-CE score?

What is a good Comlex Level 2-CE score?

6. What’s a good COMLEX Level 2-CE score? The historical mean of the COMLEX Level 2-CE ranges from 500-550. Anything over 600 is seen as competitive for most residencies, with scores over 700 putting you in the 90th percentile.

When should I take Comlex Level 2-CE?

Level 2-PE assesses six fundamental clinical skills for osteopathic medical practice within two scored examination domains: the Humanistic Domain and the Biomedical/Biomechanical Domain. The COMLEX Level 2-Performance Exam (PE) must be taken on or before December 31 of the OMS-IV year at LUCOM.

How long is the Comlex Level 2-CE?

The COMLEX Level 2-CE is a day-long computerized exam that measures your clinical skills and problem-solving techniques. Level 2-CE is split into a four-hour session in the morning and a four-hour session in the afternoon. You’ll complete the exam in a workstation at a Prometric Testing Center.

How many questions is Comlex CE 2?

The COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE contains 352 multiple choice questions related to diverse clinical and patient presentations and seven defined competency domains for osteopathic medical practice. The examination is divided into two 4-hour sessions.

Is 600 a good Comlex score?

A Solid COMLEX Score May Be Enough To Compete for Most Specialties. All this being said, there is something known as the “600 club” in the osteopathic world. Any score over 600 is seen as competitive for most specialties. Any score over 700 is really really high, and scores over 800 are rarely heard of for Level 1.

What is the average Step 1 score?

approximately 232
The USMLE® Step 1 passing score is 194, and the national average score is approximately 232.

How much of Comlex Level 2 is OMM?

True OMM is often just 10-15% of the exam.

How much time do you get per question Comlex?

4 Hours
Time: 4 Hours Questions can be answered, reviewed, and changed one section at a time. Individual sections are not timed.

How much does Comlex 2 cost?

COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE Examination Fees

COMLEX-USA JULY 2019-JUNE 2021 JULY 2021-JUNE 2022*
Level 2-PE $1,295 $1,300

What is passing for Comlex Level 2?

For state medical and osteopathic medical licensing board purposes, a passing score on COMLEX-USA is equivalent to the historic 2-digit standard score of 75….Examination Scores.

Passing Scores
COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE 400
COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE Pass
COMLEX-USA Level 3 350

What is a good Comsae score?

The COMSAE Phase 1 examination uses content, scoring, and reporting similar to the corresponding COMLEX-USA Level 1 examination….Score Report.

Standard Score Performance Level
400 – 649 Average Performance
higher than 649 Higher Performance

What is a decent Comlex score?

What does passing COMLEX Level 2-CE mean?

Passing COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE indicates that the candidate has demonstrated competence in the clinical sciences and osteopathic principles and related physician competency domains for osteopathic medical care of patients as required to enter into supervised graduate medical education settings and to continue lifelong learning.

What are the disciplines of COMLEX Level 2?

COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE · Clinical Sciences Disciplines 1 Emergency Medicine 2 Family Medicine 3 Internal Medicine 4 Obstetrics/Gynecology 5 Osteopathic Principles and Practice 6 Pediatrics 7 Psychiatry 8 Surgery

What is a COMLEX Level 2 cognitive evaluation?

COMLEX-USA Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) is a one-day computer-based assessment that integrates application of knowledge in clinical science and foundational biomedical sciences and osteopathic principles with other physician competencies related to the clinical care of patients and promoting health in supervised clinical settings.

How many questions are in the COMLEX medical exam?

The examination consists of two computer-based test sessions of four hours each taken on one day in a secure, time-measured environment. It contains 352 test questions related to diverse clinical and patient presentations and seven defined competency domains for osteopathic medical practice.

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