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Is ORFI marriage legal in Egypt?

Is ORFI marriage legal in Egypt?

In Egypt, Marriage is of two kinds: #1-ORFI … This contract is, in fact, a “Civil marriage or Common law Marriage known in Egypt as Orfi Marriage. It is a Legal Binding Contract, and so should be written up and discussed at a Trusted Lawyers Office, and requires Only Id, and 2 Witnesses.

What is Islam marriage?

In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between two people. Both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. There is also Nikah Misyar, a non-temporary marriage with the removal of some conditions such as living together, permitted by some Sunni scholars.

What is the nikah process?

The actual Muslim wedding is known as a nikah. It is a simple ceremony, at which the bride does not have to be present so long as she sends two witnesses to the drawn-up agreement. Normally, the ceremony consists of reading from the Qur’an, and the exchange of vows in front of witnesses for both partners.

Can unmarried couples share a hotel room in Egypt?

The only people in Egypt who are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms unmarried are Egyptian Nationals… ie: If one or both of you have an Egyptian passport then you cannot stay together unmarried…

Can I stay in a hotel with my boyfriend in Egypt?

There is a law that bans all none married couples from staying together in same hotel rooms. However, the unwritten part of the law says it applies only to Egyptians and Arabs.

Why are Urfi marriages so popular in Egypt?

The high cost of marriage forces many young couples to wait several years before they marry. Conservative Egyptian society forbids sex before marriage, so many young people consider the ‘Urfi marriage a solution. ‘Urfi marriages are conducted by a Muslim cleric in the presence of two witnesses.

Is there such thing as a nikah’urfi marriage?

The ‘Urfi marriage has always existed, but for different reasons. In the past, it was common among the widows of soldiers who had huge pensions and they did not want to lose it by officially remarrying. Now, however, it is mostly among university students and young couples who cannot afford the high cost of marriage.

Is the Orfi marriage contract legal in Egypt?

Orfi Wives Egypt (OWE) The number of ORFI wives is growing daily in Egypt. It is becoming an epidemic. The Orfi marriage contract is not recognized as a LEGAL document in Egypt, thus Orfi wives have no legal rights here, including residency, inheritance, alimony, etc.

What makes an Orfi marriage an Islamic marriage?

In some cases, they can overlap. One can make an Orfi marriage an Islamic marriage as well, by including two additional conditions. First, the groom must give the bride a mahr (dowry) which is usually a gift of money or gold, but in reality can be anything, even something as simple as teaching her Quran or taking her to make Hajj.

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