What is normal ear temperature?

What is normal ear temperature?

The normal ear temperature for adults is 99.5° F (37.5° C).

How do you adjust a thermometer?

Step 1: Make sure the thermometer is off. Step 2: Press and hold the power button, and after about 5-7 seconds, the display screen will come back in turn: “℃/SET, ℉/SET”. Step 3: Release the power button as soon as the desired temperature unit appears on the display screen.

Why is my Braun ThermoScan not working?

Make sure the probe tip and lens are clean and a new, clean lens filter is attached. Make sure the thermometer is properly inserted. Then, take a new tem- perature. If error persists, If error still persists, Wait 1 minute until the thermometer turns off automatically, then turn on again.

How to change the temp on a Braun Thermoscan?

Changing the temperature scale Your Braun ThermoScan is shipped with the Celsius (°C) temperature scale activated. If you whish to switch to Fahrenheit (°F) and/or back from Fahrenheit to Celsius, proceed as follows: (1) Make sure the thermometer is turned off.

Where can I find the Braun 6022 owner’s manual?

Page 2 English Français Español Português Internet: www.braun.com Manufactured by: Braun GmbH Frankfurter Str. 145 61476 Kronberg / Germany 6-022-430/00/VIII-06/M GB/F/E/P/Arab Printed in Germany Braun Infolines 0800 783 70 10 1 800 509 448 0 810 309 780 0 800 14 952 España:… Page 3 IRT 4520 IRT 4020…

How is the Braun Thermoscan used in the ear?

Braun ThermoScan measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissues. To avoid gross temperature differences, the sensor itself is brought to a temperature close to that of the human body. When the Braun ThermoScan is placed in the ear, it continuously monitors the infrared radiation.

Can a Braun thermometer be used without a lens filter?

• This thermometer must only be used with genuine Braun ThermoScan Lens Filters (LF 40). Never use this thermometer without a new, clean lens filter attached. • Keep lens filters out of reach of children. • This thermometer is intended for household use only.

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