Are soft wood pellets good?

Are soft wood pellets good?

Overall a good quality softwood fuel pellet will burn hotter and cleaner both in ash and clinkers in the burn pot than a hardwood fuel pellet. There are different types of softwood fuel pellets on the market today.

Is there a difference between wood pellets?

The Difference Between Premium, Standard and Utility Wood Pellet Grades. First, it’s important to note that all grades have the same required diameter and length. However, the premium grade has slightly higher durability (>96.5), lowers fines (>0.5%), lower ash content (>1%) and moisture content (>8%).

Why are softwood pellets more expensive?

What’s more, hardwood itself is more expensive than softwood as the raw material for making pellets. Heating: Softwood pellet produces from 10% to 20% BTUs when burning, which means that softwood pellet has a little higher heating value. This is mainly because softwood has more special sap than hardwood.

Which wood pellets burn hotter?

Typically, there will be two types of wood used in wood pellets: hardwood or softwood. Hardwood in its raw form burns for longer as it has a higher density. Softwood, on the other hand, typically has higher BTU’s due to the lignin concentration in the wood, so it burns hotter.

Which is better softwood pellets or wood fiber?

Softwood pellets actually rate at about 10-15% higher in BTU than hardwood pellets. This is because softwoods contain resins that have a higher heat value than wood fiber. Hardwood pellets do cost more than softwood pellets but that’s not because they are better.

Who is the best manufacturer of wood pellets?

As North America’s top wood pellet manufacturer, we’ve worked with many wood types to deliver the best options to our customers. We are one of a few pellet manufacturers that provide hardwood, softwood, and softwood blend pellets. We are unbiased when it comes to different wood species in wood pellets.

How are pellets made from wood and residuals?

Pellet production involves pressing wood and residuals into pellets with consistent volumes. The natural density of hardwood and softwood don’t have nearly as much influence on wood pellet efficiency than they do their original forms.

Which is better a wood stove or a pellet stove?

Hardwood, with a higher density, has a long burn time compared to a softwood log. This often confuses a wood stove burner when they switch to a pellet stove. Traditionally, wood stove burners have been most concerned with what type of wood they’re using and how the density will affect the wood’s use.

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