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Why did Walter make the confession tape?

Why did Walter make the confession tape?

As we later find out, the tape is indeed a confession, but a fake one Walt has created in order to stop Hank from reporting him to the DEA. They know they’re trapped; if the video was ever released to the DEA, Hank would be behind bars within seconds, while Walt would be a free man.

How does Hank figure out Heisenberg?

In the final scene, Hank figures out that Walt is Heisenberg while perusing Walt’s copy of ​“Leaves of Grass” on the toilet. The book is inscribed: ​“To my other favorite W.W. It’s an honor working with you. A meticulous guy like Walt simply wouldn’t let a book like that float around unsecured.

What happened to Jesse’s ricin?

In the first half of season five, he thought about using it against Lydia, but also decided against that, too. Walt stashed the ricin vial behind the plate of an electrical outlet, and in this season’s “Blood Money” flash-forward opening sequence, we saw him retrieve it. So: The ricin still has not been used.

What did Hank say in Walt’s confession in Breaking Bad?

When Marie and Hank watch the DVD, they get a huge shock. In Walt’s confession, he manipulates the facts to make it look as if Hank forced him to start cooking meth. Walt hits a nerve with Hank when he says he paid for Hank’s rehabilitation. Hank asks Marie what he means. She says she took the money because she thought it was from his gambling.

What happens in the interrogation room in Breaking Bad?

Hank’s entrance into the interrogation room snaps Jesse out of his haze. Hank hopes he’ll turn on his partner, but Jesse says he won’t talk to him. Saul comes in, and throws around the threat of lawsuits, and Hank leaves. Saul brings Jesse out to the desert to meet Walt.

What did Jesse say to Walt at the end of Breaking Bad?

Jesse screams at his mentor/father-figure. He wants Walt to just ask him for a favor and tell him if he doesn’t go, he’ll kill him just like he killed Mike. Walt walks up to Jesse and pulls him into his arms. Jesse cries into Walt’s shoulder, but refuses to return the embrace.

What happens at the pickup point in Breaking Bad?

At the pickup point, Jesse wants to light up again. He fumbles around for his marijuana and realizes it’s not there. He frantically searches for his cigarettes, and pulls them out. He looks at the pack and his face blossoms with the horrifying realization — Huell stole his dope, and he stole the ricin cigarette, too.

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