Who owns Maesa Beauty?

Who owns Maesa Beauty?

Bain Capital Private Equity
Bain Capital Private Equity has acquired a majority stake in Maesa, the business behind lines like Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty and Kristin Ess Hair Care. Maesa has about $230 million in annual sales, the company said, and more than 300 employees across seven global offices.

Where are Maesa products made?

The affordable products retail for, on average, €2.75. And they are manufactured locally in Germany, as well as in France.

What does maesa do?

Founded in 1997, Maesa is a global beauty brand incubator supplying leading retailers and beauty companies operating worldwide. Maesa designs and manufactures exclusive brands and private labels for mass, drug and specialty retailers and provide outsourcing solutions to beauty brands.

What is maesa ecommerce?

skip introduction. Maesa transforms the beauty industry by incubating and growing meaningful brands globally. Our deep understanding of the constant changing needs of the consumer allows us to create beauty brands that are newer, better, different and relevant.

Who does Seed beauty manufacturer for?

ColourPop Cosmetics, also known as ColourPop, is an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson….ColourPop Cosmetics.

Industry Cosmetics
Founder Laura Nelson John Nelson
Headquarters Oxnard, California
Parent Seed Beauty

Who manufactures Belei?

In March, Amazon launched Belei, a skincare brand consisting of cleansing wipes, moisturizers, masks, and serums. Six months later, the brand has failed to impress consumers.

What is a beauty brand incubator?

KEY TAKEAWAYS. Beauty Independent has identified no less than 25 incubators that have materialized over the last few years in the beauty, personal care and wellness space. Incubators are companies that create brands in-house. Incubators can sell off individual brands to investment firms or strategic buyers.

Does seed beauty own Kylie Cosmetics?

Kylie and Coty may own the brand name, but Seed Beauty claims to own Kylie Cosmetics’ formulas—and other trade secrets regarding manufacturing and marketing that were crucial to catapulting the brand to success.

What brands does Seed beauty own?

ColourPop Cosmetics is a brand owned by parent company Seed Beauty, which also owns Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. The company started as an e-commerce business, then expanded to selling wholesale to retail stores as well. The brand’s first retail partnership was with Sephora in 2017.

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