Is Nicole C Mullens married?

Is Nicole C Mullens married?

David Mullenm. 1993–2014
Nicole C. Mullen/Spouse

What religion is Nicole C. Mullen?

Contemporary Christian music artist Nicole C. Mullen gives her first detailed and chilling accounts of the violence she said she suffered in her first marriage in a new book, My Redeemer Lives: It’s Personal — A Story of Hope for Our Time.

Who wrote the song My Redeemer Lives?

Nicole C. Mullen
My Redeemer Lives/Artists

Who did Nicole C Mullen married?

Who is Nicole C Mullen’s new husband?

Pastor Donnie McClurkin
Gospel singer and Pastor Donnie McClurkin is elated over his engagement to Nicole C. Mullen (popularly known for My Redeemer Lives). He was a guest on the TBN ‘Praise the Lord’ show on Thursday night and Matt Crouch announced: “Donnie is getting married!”

Who said I know that my Redeemer liveth in the Bible?

Scripture. Though the hymn is originally based on the Old Testament verse from the Book of Job, where Job proclaims “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” (Job 19:25), it is mostly used as a hymn for Easter Sunday commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus.

Who said that my Redeemer liveth?

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth” (Proverbs 19:25). His knowledge of the Lord should serve as a reminder to every believer, bringing hope even in the midst of our greatest trials. Job knew the Redeemer.

What happened to David Mullen?

Most recently Mullen has been restoring an old recording studio in the historic district of Franklin, TN (Emack Studio) that he purchased with CCM veteran Toby McKeehan (Toby Mac, DC Talk), and which is now the headquarters of the artist relations department of Yamaha International.

Who is Nicole C Mullens fiance?

American gospel singer, songwriter, and choreographer, Aileen Nicole Coleman-Mullen, known professionally as Nicole Mullen is officially engaged to her sweetheart. Mullen in 1993, married singer, songwriter and music producer David Mullen.

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