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Is Gallery Plus worth it on eBay?

Is Gallery Plus worth it on eBay?

If you use eBay photo hosting, Gallery Plus will allow users to see all your images in a larger size in the search results or category. This costs an extra 35 cents or a dollar depending on the listing type. It’s ALWAYS a waste of money. Listing Designer is not worth using.

What is Gallery Plus in eBay?

What is it? When you use Gallery Plus, an Enlarge icon will display right below your Gallery image on search results pages. A buyer can click or hover over the icon with their mouse, and a larger version of the picture will appear.

How much does gallery plus cost on eBay?

If your item doesn’t sell, don’t think you can get your insertion fees back….What if it doesn’t sell?

Option Fee: Auction or Fixed Price 3, 5, 7, 10 days Fee: Fixed Price 30 days
Gallery Plus $0.35 $1.00
Scheduled listing $0.10 $0.10

Does eBay have a photo gallery?

Gallery is supported on all sites at no cost. When you hover over the thumbnail Gallery image, it displays a large (400px x 400px) preview image. Gallery Plus is supported on the US, CA, UK, and DE sites for a fee. This feature is no longer supported on any eBay sites.

Which payment methods are sellers allowed to offer buyers?

Buyers can pay with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal when you sell in most eBay categories. Additionally, sellers can offer other payment methods in some categories.

Are eBay subtitles worth it?

If you are considering using a subtitle, it’s certainly worth the extra $0.15 to get the full package because it will undoubtedly get your listing noticed more in search results. Every seller should at least test using a Value Pack.

What is display a large photo in search results with Gallery Plus?

eBay’s Sell component’s Gallery Plus feature enables you to upload an image a viewer can hover their mouse over and enlarge up to 400 pixels by 400 pixels. The enlarged image appears while your auction listing is on a search results page. Using the Gallery Plus feature is free for categories other than eBay Motors.

How do I add photos to my eBay listing?

To upload photos from your computer:

  1. In your listing form, select Add Photos.
  2. Browse to find the photos you want (maximum 7MB each).
  3. Crop, rotate, and adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo using the icons in the uploader preview, then select Save.

How do I add an image to my eBay description 2020?

To include photos in an auction description, upload the images to a file hosting service. After you upload the photos, you can use the provided HTML code to insert them directly into the eBay listing.

How do I get paid on eBay without PayPal 2021?

Sellers can now sell on eBay without PayPal. To do so requires opting into eBay’s new Managed Payments System. In Managed Payments, eBay processed payments directly and deposits them into the seller’s bank account without using PayPal as an intermediary processor.

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