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How many radiators can a Baxi 630 run?

How many radiators can a Baxi 630 run?

10 radiators
The Baxi 630 has a central heating output of 21.2 kW which is ideal for homes with no more than 10 radiators. Meanwhile, a domestic hot water output of 30kW make this a fairly powerful combi boiler that can meet demands of homes with 1-2 bathrooms. Are there any other options in the Baxi 600 range?

Why does my Baxi boiler keep cutting out?

Common causes of a Baxi boiler locking out include overheating (110), fan fault (160), flue overheating (E131) and an issue with the printed circuit board (PCB) (E168).

How old is my Baxi Solo 2 boiler?

You can find out how old your boiler is by visiting the official industry database. Fill in details of your boiler and the dates when manufacture of that model began and ended will be displayed. You can search for all brands and models of boilers in this database. Or you can look at your boiler’s serial number.

Is Baxi 600 a condensing boiler?

The Baxi 600 Combi is a fantastic condensing gas boiler that comes with a lengthy warranty and can be installed in a kitchen cupboard. As well as being compact and lightweight, the Baxi 600 Combi lets you make the most of the available space in your home and is even compatible with a smartphone heating control system.

Why does my boiler keep cutting in and out?

If the boiler keeps shutting off, it could be due to closed valves, air caught in the system or a broken pump. The boiler is switching itself off due to in-built safety mechanisms – if it did not shut down, then the boiler could overheat. A closed valve can also prevent water from flowing properly within the boiler.

Does a Baxi boiler have a pilot light?

Turn the boiler thermostat knob to the ‘0’ position fully anti- clockwise. Turn on the main gas and electricity supplies to the appliance. To light the pilot: Looking through the pilot viewing window press the gas control knob fully inwards and hold. Press in igniter button and release.

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