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How much do military musicians make?

How much do military musicians make?

A musician who wins an audition with one of the premier bands enters the service at the military pay grade of E6, which, when benefits and housing allowances are factored in, amounts to around $56,000 — with built-in annual raises.

Do military musicians get deployed?

What does a Military Musician do? Although military musicians rarely see active combat, on some occasions they may be deployed to conflict zones—and all are required to complete basic combat training regardless.

How do you become an army musician?

In order to join U.S. Army Bands, you must demonstrate a high level of proficiency and versatility on your instrument. While not required, the majority of Army Musicians have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in music and have previous professional experience.

Do Navy musicians go to bootcamp?

Upon completion of initial 7–9 week training at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, (known as Boot Camp), those pursuing a Musician role report to the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, VA, where they receive formal Navy training at “A” School for 21 weeks.

How many Navy musicians are there?

The multiple ensembles help to meet the public demand for different types of music as well as the needs of Navy recruiting. The United States Navy Band is composed of 172 enlisted musicians and four officers, under the direction of Capt. Kenneth Collins.

Can you be a musician in the Army?

If you’re already studying music in school or are a working musician, U.S. Army Bands offer great opportunities for your musical career. It’s a gig that gives you the time to concentrate on music while earning a steady paycheck.

What kind of music does an army band play?

Musicians perform in a variety of ensembles ranging from ceremonial band to jazz band to small ensembles, playing all styles of music. They are primarily responsible for performing and rehearsing as a professional musician within different ensembles of an Army band.

What is it like to be a Navy musician?

And for our Sailors, nothing boosts morale like the opportunity to jam out to world-class live music. As a Navy Musician, you’ll not only perform for Americans at home, but travel the world, bringing joy to foreign dignitaries, orphanages and Sailors on deployment.

Who are the band officers in the US Army?

Every year, U.S. Army Bands selects one or two highly qualified individuals via competitive auditions to serve as Army Bands officers. These officers rotate through a variety of positions, including associate conductor, administrator and instructor at the U.S. Army School of Music.

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