Does Xbox 360 have NBA Street?

Does Xbox 360 have NBA Street?

NBA Street Homecourt is the fourth game in the NBA Street series. It was released for the Xbox 360 on February 19, 2007, and for the PlayStation 3 on March 6, 2007….

NBA Street Homecourt
Composer(s) Andy Teal
Series NBA Street
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

When did NBA Street Homecourt come out?

February 20, 2007
NBA Street Homecourt/Initial release dates

Can Xbox 360 play original Xbox games?

You can play some original Xbox games on your Xbox 360 console if you have an official Xbox 360 Hard Drive. Things to keep in mind: Game saves from an original Xbox console cannot be transferred to an Xbox 360 console. Xbox Live functionality for original Xbox games has been discontinued.

Is NCAA Basketball 10 backwards compatible?

Microsoft has added backwards compatibility to hundreds of Xbox 360 titles – this means you can play some Xbox 360 and original Xbox games on your Xbox One console via the disk or digital download….Xbox 360 Games That Are Not Playable On Xbox One.

Game NCAA Basketball 10
Ratio 2.22
Gamers 3,380
Comp % 5.3

Does Xbox one have NFL Street?

At the moment though, the only sports game in the caliber of NFL Street that’s currently compatible for the Xbox One is the “On Fire Edition” of NBA Jam.

Who owns NBA Street?

EA Sports BIG

NBA Street
Publisher(s) EA Sports BIG
Producer(s) Patrick Quinn Wil Mozell
Designer(s) Josh Holmes
Programmer(s) Lou Haehn

What was EA BIG?

Founded in 2000, the EA Sports BIG label was dedicated to absurd, flamboyant, arcade-like extreme sports games. Its poster child was undoubtedly 2001’s SSX Tricky, a superb snowboarding game with oddball characters, gravity-defying tricks, rollercoaster-like courses, and an absolutely deadly soundtrack.

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