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Who won DCI 2013?

Who won DCI 2013?

Carolina Crown
Past DCI World Champions

Year Corps Score
2013 Carolina Crown 98.300
2012 Blue Devils 98.700
2011 The Cadets 98.350
2010 Blue Devils 98.900

Who won DCI 2012?

Blue Devils
Official DCI Scores

Year Champion Score
2012 Blue Devils 98.7
2011 The Cadets 98.35
2010 Blue Devils 98.9
2009 Blue Devils 99.05

What is the age limit for DCI?

21 years of age
Drum Corps International’s age limit is 21 years of age with one exception – corps members who turn 22 on or after June 1 are eligible to march during that year.

When do the DCI World Class Championships take place?

At the end of the summer season, Drum Corps International (DCI) World Class corps compete to earn the title of DCI World Class Champion (formerly DCI Division I World Champion ). The championships consist of 3 rounds—Preliminaries, Semifinals, and Finals—held on the first or second Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of August.

What kind of customer service does DCI have?

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How long has DCI been providing dental equipment?

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Do you have to be a DCI dealer partner?

You must be a DCI dealer partner to register an account. Creating an online account will give you access to view pricing for all products, participate in the support forum, and more.

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