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What is the best major to get into law school?

What is the best major to get into law school?

Top 10 Best Pre-law Majors (see also: what did most law school students major in?)

  1. Political Science – 9,612 admitted.
  2. Other – 2,917 admitted.
  3. Psychology – 2,960 admitted.
  4. Criminal Justice – 2,220 admitted.
  5. English – 2,564 admitted.
  6. History – 2,657 admitted.
  7. Economics – 2,373 admitted.
  8. Philosophy – 1,858 admitted.

What majors are required for law school?

You may choose to major in subjects that are considered to be traditional preparation for law school, such as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics or business, or you may focus your undergraduate studies in areas as diverse as art, music, science and mathematics, computer science, engineering.

What degrees do most lawyers have?

The majority of lawyers have to spend four years getting their bachelor’s degree and three years attaining their Juris Doctor degree. For the Juris Doctor degree to count, it has to be from a school that is accredited by an organization known as the American Bar Association (ABA).

Do law schools care about your major?

Do law schools really care about your major? Unlike medical school, which requires certain prerequisite courses, law school doesn’t require that you major in anything specific or take certain classes before applying. Your LSAT score and your GPA are the key determining factors in law school admissions.

Which would be the best majors for Law School?

The English major is a very popular major for law school because of its immediately obvious benefits: advanced reading comprehension and persuasive writing skills.

What are major best prepares you for Law School?

472 law school applicants in 2016 and 2017 held a 4-year degree in history.

  • may be a smart path for some pre-law students to follow.
  • English.
  • Philosophy.
  • Political Science.
  • Economics.
  • Arts and Humanities.
  • What is a good bachelors degree for Law School?

    Philosophy courses have long been considered a good bachelor’s degree for law students. The subject focuses on critical thinking, reading and writing. Political science is another of the leading majors for law students. Political science classes deal with the history of thought and action in the public sphere.

    What is the best college for Law School?

    Yale University topped U.S. News’ list of the best law schools in the country. Almost 100 percent of Yale Law School graduates pass the bar in the local jurisdiction. This prestigious law program has graduated several presidents, Supreme Court justices and high-powered business executives.

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