Can you camp on the Pentlands?

Can you camp on the Pentlands?

In the Pentland Hills, the main restriction to camping is that you must pitch your tent at least a mile away from a public road. You also can’t camp in enclosed farmland (these are often clearly marked with signs). Finally, ensure you don’t choose a spot near buildings, private roads, or historic landmarks.

Where can you camp in the Pentlands?

camping sites near Pentland Hills Regional Park

  • Bonaly Scout Centre 7.4. 71 Bonaly Road, Edinburgh (175 metres away)
  • Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park 8.4.
  • Drummohr holiday park 8.6.
  • Hilly Cow Wigwams 8.1.
  • Edinburgh Club Site 8.
  • Linwater Caravan Park 8.
  • Edinburgh Festival Camping 7.4.
  • Loch House Farm Caravan Park 7.4.

Can you camp at Bonaly?

Located just a short journey from the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, the Bonaly Reservoir is a great place if you want to quickly get out of the city. You can spend the night wild camping on the edge of the water before returning back to normality the following day, suitably refreshed after a night under the stars.

Can you camp at harlaw reservoir?

Wild camping This covers any land owned by, or stewarded by, City of Edinburgh Council, and includes Harlaw Reservoir and most of Bonaly Country Park. Access rights extend to wild camping. This type of camping is lightweight, done by small groups of people, and only for 2 or 3 nights in any one place.

Where can you park a campervan overnight in Scotland?

Loch Miuck, the Muir of Dinnet, Glenmore, Glen Fishie and Loch Garten are all recommended and all have car parks (although the Cairngorms National Park Authority asks that motorhome wild campers use one of the several formal sites in the park for overnight stays).

Where Can I Go Wild camping in Scotland?

Where are the best spots in Scotland for wild camping?

  • Peanmeanach Beach, Ardnish.
  • Quiraing, Isle of Skye.
  • Rackwick Bay, Orkney.
  • Gleann na Muice, Fisherfield.
  • Kilmory Bay, Isle of Rum.
  • Bonaly Reservoir, near Edinburgh.
  • Barrisdale, Knoydart.
  • Glenfeshie, Cairngorms National Park.

What are the rules for wild camping in Scotland?

Guidelines for wild camping

  • Camp in small numbers.
  • Stay in one place for a maximum of three nights only.
  • Do not camp in enclosed fields of livestock or crops.
  • Camp away from buildings, roads and historic structures.
  • Take your litter with you.
  • Use a stove rather than a fire where possible.

Is it safe to wild camp in Scotland?

Thanks to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 it is perfectly legal to wild camp in Scotland. Apart from a few exceptions (read on to find out more), you can pitch your tent pretty much anywhere you like as long as the land is unenclosed.

Is it legal to sleep in your car in Scotland?

Can you sleep in your car? The short answer is yes, you can sleep in your car, but where you choose to pull over to sleep and the reasons for doing so determine whether it’s legal to do so or not.

Is there a Caravan Club in Edinburgh Scotland?

Edinburgh is a friendly, cosmopolitan city. Edinburgh Club Site puts you within easy reach of some of its most famous landmarks.

What to do when camping in the Pentland Hills?

Food: do not leave any food scraps as these might be eaten by animals and spread disease Toilet: if you need to urinate or poo, do so at least 30m from open water or streams. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf. Pack all toilet paper and sanitary items out to the nearest bin.

Where is it illegal to camp in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh’s Parks and Greenspace Management Rules prohibit camping and the lighting of fires within one mile of a public road. This covers any land owned by, or stewarded by, City of Edinburgh Council, and includes Harlaw Reservoir and most of Bonaly Country Park.

Where is the best place to wild camp near Edinburgh?

There’s no shortage of places to wild camp in the Pentlands, that’s what makes it the best place for wild camping near Edinburgh. A common favourite is near the Harlow Reservoir, where families come to camp and fish. Personally, I’d head a big further out and find a flat dip in the hills to set up camp.

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