Is E46 M3 supercharged?

Is E46 M3 supercharged?

The VF-Engineering M3 supercharger for the BMW E46 S54 engine is a fully upgrade-able water cooled supercharger system. The Si trim supercharger delivers a bigger mid range punch than the race “T-trim” yet is capable of supporting over 600hp.

Can you supercharge a BMW E46?

VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW E46 3 Series to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger.

Is the E46 M3 naturally aspirated?

Many people think of the E46 M3 as the last real M3. It wasn’t complicated, had a naturally aspirated straight six, and looked aggressive without overdoing it. The best part is that it still revs out and sounds naturally aspirated, but there is a subtle hint of turbo whoosh through the range.

Does BMW E46 have turbo?

Forced induction fans: you’re going to like this one. This BMW E46 sedan, built by Turbo Lamik, is powered by an M50 inline-six that’s been turbocharged to produce a massive 980 horsepower. After the 150-mph barrier, you can barely even hear the engine—it’s all whooshing turbo noise coming from under the hood.

How many horsepower does the BMW E46 M3 have?

When supercharged, the E46 M3 is capable of producing 550 hp on stock engine internals which is an impressive 217 hp above stock figures while retaining the S54’s characteristic linear power curve. E46 M3 0-60 times are quite inconsistently reported around the internet.

What’s the 0 to 60 time on a BMW E46 M3?

E46 M3 0-60 times are quite inconsistently reported around the internet. BMW’s officially released number is 5.1 seconds to 62 mph (100 kph) however you can see it listed in many reputable places at 4.8 seconds.

What’s the Drag Race Time for an E46 M3?

The E46 M3’s 0-60 mph time isn’t impressive by modern-day standards, it’s difficult to launch off the line due to wheelspin. However, it was never designed to be a drag race winner. The E46 M3’s 0-100 mph time in stock form is 11.5 seconds.

What’s the peak torque of a BMW E46?

Peak torque is produced lower down the rev range at 4900 rpm. BMW E46 M3 power is plenty for spirited road driving and even lends itself well on the racetrack. Owners looking to increase the bhp of their E46 M3 are in for an expensive ride.

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