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Who is on the panel of Any Questions?

Who is on the panel of Any Questions?

Chris Mason
Any Questions?

The panel during a recording of a 2016 episode in the Nexus Methodist Church, Bath
Genre Topical discussion
Hosted by Current: Chris Mason (2019–) Former: Freddie Grisewood (1948–1967) David Jacobs (1967–1984) John Timpson (1984–1987) Jonathan Dimbleby (1987–2019)
Original release 12 October 1948 – present

How do I contact BBC Any Questions?

Contact Any Answers?

  1. Call: 03700 100 444. (Calls will cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 geographic landlines. Lines open Sat 12:30).
  2. Text: 84844.
  3. Tweet: Follow us @BBCPolitics or tweet using #bbcaq. Send us an email now to [email protected].

How do I listen to Radio 4 again?

You can listen live online and also listen again to programmes broadcast on BBC Sounds….Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites:

  1. DAB Listed as “BBC Radio 4”, “BBC R4”, or “Radio 4”
  2. FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM.
  3. LW 198 Long Wave.

Is any questions grammatically correct?

6 Answers. “Any question” places a strict limit on the number of questions allowable to exactly one. For example, there was exactly one question as to who wore the pants. However, where the number of questions has not been determined, or is unrestricted, then the plural should be used.

When employer ask do you have any questions?

This question is typically asked at the end of interviews and it is a critically important part of the conversation. Resist the temptation to say no, even if you’re confident the job is a good match for you. In fact, interviewers expect you to ask questions—it signals that you’re invested and serious about the job.

How do I contact women’s hour?

Send us an email now to [email protected] The BBC is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information.

Who does any answers Radio 4?

Anita Anand
Anita Anand Call Any Answers? to have your say on the big issues in the news this week.

Who are the Radio 4 presenters?

Today Today presenters

  • Justin Webb. View Justin Webb.
  • Mishal Husain. View Mishal Husain.
  • Amol Rajan. View Amol Rajan.
  • Martha Kearney. View Martha Kearney.
  • Nick Robinson. View Nick Robinson.

How does Radio 4 target their audience?

BBC Four’s target audience is adults aged 35 and over. Its remit is to ‘reflect a range of UK and international arts, music and culture. ‘ Programmes such as the documentary series Storyville or What Do Artists Do All Day?

Are there any questions on BBC Radio 4?

BBC Radio 4 – Any Questions? Topical discussion in which a panel of personalities from the worlds of politics, media and elsewhere are posed questions by the audience. From a different location each week

Where is Chris Mason on BBC Radio 4?

Chris Mason presents political debate and discussion from the Queen’s Hall in Narberth. Chris Mason presents political debate and discussion from Christ Church in Winchester. Chris Mason presents political discussion from the Holroyd Community Theatre in Oswestry.

Who is the controller of Radio 4 News?

Mohit Bakaya, Controller of Radio 4, says: “Chris is a first class political correspondent and, for some years now, his ability to interpret and explain the complexities of what’s happening in our fast changing political landscape has made him one of our most trusted and insightful journalists.

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