How to apply Alion herbicide?

How to apply Alion herbicide?

Alion herbicide can be applied up to 14 days prior to harvest on all crops other than citrus, which requires a pre-harvest interval of seven days. Best performance occurs when applied prior to rain and before weed emergence. When weeds are up, it is recommended to add a post emergence herbicide.

How do I use Alion?

If Alion Herbicide is to be tank mixed with liquid fertilizers or other pesticides, compatibility should be tested prior to mixing. To test for compatibility, use a small container and mix a small amount (0.5 to 1 qt) of spray, combining all ingredients in the same ratio and mixing order as the anticipated use.

When should herbicides be applied?

Early Spring and Fall are the most effective times to apply pre-emergent herbicides. They can be applied throughout the year, and will still prevent new weeds that sprout, however most weeds sprout during spring and fall.

What is Rezilon herbicide?

Rezilon™ is a selective, preemergence, alkylazine herbicide that provides residual control of many annual. grass and broadleaf weeds in established bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) and bahiagrass (Paspalum no- tatum) pastures that are grazed or grown for hay.

What is a Alion?

Longer-lasting Alion® herbicide provides a unique solution for pre-emergence control of a broad range of grass and broadleaf weeds, including ALS-, ACC-ase-, triazine- and glyphosate-resistant species. Alion simplifies weed control, allowing producers to turn their attention to what really counts – profits.

What is the best time of day to spray herbicide?

Systemic herbicides work best when applied late morning, midday and in the afternoon in cool or cold climates. Plant growth slows down at dusk and speeds up again as the sun rises the following day. Heavy early morning dew can cause herbicides to run off, so it’s best apply them after dew has evaporated.

How long does it take herbicide to work?

Organic herbicides that act on the leaves and stems of the plants to be treated are the best. The effects of spraying appear after just one week. On the other hand, herbicides that are absorbed by weed roots are not as recommended. The first effects take about 2 weeks to see.

Is Rezilon herbicide restricted?

// There are no grazing restrictions following the application of Rezilon herbicide. // Rezilon is a preemergent herbicide that requires an activating rainfall or irrigation (0.25-0.5”) to be effective.

What is Prowl herbicide used for?

Prowl® H2O herbicide is a selective herbicide for controlling most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds as they germinate. Refer to Table 1 for crop uses. Refer to Table 2 for a complete list of controlled weeds. Prowl H2O will not control established weeds.

Is Alion a good company?

Great company to work for. Fair compensation with an amazing atmosphere. Several locations along with different occupations to train and obtain knowledge from. Overall very happy working for Alion!

How big is Alion Science and Technology?

Alion Science and Technology Revenue Breakdown

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Does Roundup need sunlight to work?

Roundup does not need to be applied on a sunny day to be effective. As long as the plant is actively growing (green, not dormant) and Roundup is sprayed in the daytime, it will be absorbed by the plant’s leaves. A cloudy day is at least as good as a sunny day when it comes to spraying Roundup.

How does Alion herbicide help in weed control?

Alion simplifies weed control, allowing producers to turn their attention to what really counts – profits. Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.

Can you use Bayer Alion herbicide on fruit?

Citrus Fruit, Grapes, Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Tree Nuts, and Olives. May be applied to the soil as a uniform broadcast or band application for the prevention of new weed emergence. Yes, if used as directed on label. Up to six months of grass and broadleaf weed control.

How long does Bayer Alion last on fruit?

Bayer Alion Herbicide is a suspension concentrate formula that provides a long-lasting, residual control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses on citrus fruit, grapes, olives, pome fruit, stone fruit, and tree nuts for up to 6 months.

When is the best time to apply Alion?

Apply Alion at a use rate of 150 ml/ha in a water rate of 150 – 300 L/ha. Apply in the spring through to early summer prior to weed germination.

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