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What is the best fertilizer for a cedar tree?

What is the best fertilizer for a cedar tree?

Cedar hedges need regular feeding to produce lush, healthy growth. Feed your cedar hedge in early spring, using an organic-based tree and shrub plant food with an NPK ratio such as 18-8-8. Water the hedge thoroughly, as fertilizing dry soil can burn the roots.

When should you fertilize cedar trees?


  • Add fertilizer at the beginning of May in an even layer, extending one foot on either side of the hedge, then again at the beginning of June and once more at the beginning of July.
  • Never apply fertilizer after mid-July so that the trees have enough time to prepare for winter.

Are cedar trees acid loving?

They are susceptible to drought stress especially on well-drained, sandy soils. prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.5, but will grow well in soils up to 7.5. Soils that are too acidic can results in nutrient deficiency symptoms (browning or yellowing of foliage) and eventual tree decline.

Do cedar trees require lots of water?

Water small trees regularly and allow them to dry out completely between each watering. Fertilizer is generally not necessary unless the soil is very unhealthy. Once the tree is mature, cedar tree care involves little more than regular mulching and removal of dead or diseased branches.

What do cedar trees do to soil?

The average pH for cedar trees ranges from 6.0 to 7.5. Eastern red cedars, for example, often grow in alkaline soils, but will also establish in acidic soils as well. There, they tend to neutralize and aerate the soil. The needles provide the soil with more calcium, making it more favorable to earthworms.

How do you revive cedars?

How to Revive a Dying Cedar Tree

  1. Will cedar trees grow back? Make the most out a mulch. As with anything, too much of a good thing can be bad—and that includes adding mulch to your cedars.
  2. Do cedar trees need fertilizer? Be frugal with fertilizer.
  3. Do cedar trees lose their needles? Prune properly.

How do you keep cedar trees from turning brown?

Be sure to always keep cedars healthy by watering them during completely dry weather. A deep complete watering once or twice a week is better than light, regular watering.

Is it OK to fertilize my cedar tree?

Just because your lawn loves fertilizer doesn’t mean your cedars do. Excessive amounts of fertilizer can compromise the health of your trees. When it comes to fertilizing your cedars, its always best to err on the side of caution.

What should I put around my cedar tree?

Keep a 2-inch layer of mulch around the tree, but not touching the trunk, to prevent moisture loss and protect the tree. It may be necessary to use a wire cage to prevent injury from mechanical devices as well.

What kind of soil does a cedar tree need?

While not all species of cedar require acidic soil, species such as the “Black Dragon” Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica “Black Dragon”) benefit from acidic ground. More acidic earth unlocks the nutrients in the soil and can kill off and repel soilborne bacteria and microbial infections.

What kind of fertilizer to use on transplanted trees?

In many cases, adding a fertilizer with a balance similar to 5-15-5 into water and thoroughly watering the newly planted tree can help to reduce transplant shock. Subsequent fertilization should be with a balanced fertilizer or with a higher nitrogen fertilizer with a balance similar to 30-10-10.

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