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Who is Dorien Green from birds of a feather married to?

Who is Dorien Green from birds of a feather married to?

She is played by Lesley Joseph. Dorien was married to Marcus Green, but she had adulterous affairs with younger men behind Marcus’ back whenever he was out of town on business (which he was frequently). Her most frequent lover was Luke Horton who eventually left Dorien for a younger woman.

Who are the Sisters in birds of a feather?

Comedy series following the lives of sisters Tracey and Sharon who are left to fend for themselves after their husbands are arrested for armed robbery.

Who is Sharon from birds of a feather married to?

Sharon and Tracey have not spoken for years, since Sharon called Tracey’s new husband Ralph a bad lot – which he was, hence Tracey’s divorcing him. Now, in a meeting engineered by Tracey’s schoolboy Error: please try again.

Who are the actors in birds of a feather?

Series Cast Linda Robson Tracey / 129 episodes, 1989-2020 Lesley Joseph Dorien / 129 episodes, 1989-2020 Pauline Quirke Sharon / 128 episodes, 1989-2020 Alun Lewis Darryl / 51 episodes, 1989-1996 Peter Polycarpou Chris / 40 episodes, 1990-1996

Who are the female plumbers in birds of a feather?

Tracey is shocked to receive overdue bills. There is also a letter from Garth, telling Tracey he has had a fight at school and she will have to pay for half the damage. To top it all off, the central heating breaks down and they hire two female plumbers, Alison and Gloria.

Where does Sharon live in birds of a feather?

Sharon moves from her high-rise Edmonton flat to stay at Dalentrace with her sister. While Sharon is ecstatic that her no-good husband Chris has been sent to prison, Tracey is desperately missing her beloved Darryl and is on tranquilizers.

Who are the characters in birds of a feather?

Dorien Green Dorien Green First Appearance Nicked Last Appearance We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Other names “Dor” (short for Dorien), “The Chigwell Family Marcus Green (ex-husband) Richard Kapper

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