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Is there a wiki page for Generator Rex?

Is there a wiki page for Generator Rex?

The wiki about the Generator Rex TV series that anyone can edit. Warning: this wiki contains spoilers. We are currently editing 715 articles since April 2010. View detailed synopses of each episode. Learn about all the characters. Explore the many locations in Generator Rex. Learn about the comic series that inspired Generator Rex.

What happens to Rex Salazar in Generator Rex?

During their time together, Rex and his gang had an encounter with the shape shifter John Scarecrow and all got voice activated nano-ink tattoos to prevent a repeat of the events. He later secretly traded his friends to Quarry in exchange for his own freedom. Rex in his full EVO form.

Who is the lead scientist in Generator Rex?

Rex is the cause for him to change his life around to start caring for others, finding Rex with a blank memory after a mega robot EVO destroys a town, and discovers that he can cure EVOs. Dr. Rebecca Holiday: The lead scientist at Providence and Rex’s caretaker. She has a younger sister, Beverly, who turned into an incurable E.V.O. at thirteen.

Who is the girl with four arms in Generator Rex?

Breach: A young E.V.O. girl with four arms, pale white skin, and the ability to create red portals to any destination. Obsessed with Rex for his unique qualities, she once kidnapped him to put in a pocket dimension, where she has everything just as she likes it.

What kind of chair is the REX chair?

Model 5654 (1956), the best known chair in the Rex family, is still being produced today, as a low armchair intended to be used in covered areas. It has been produced in various styles depending on its assigned use, as a club chair, a high-backed chair or an auditorium chair.

What kind of fiction is Rex the small green railway engine?

Other fiction Rex the Small Green railway engine, a locomotive in The Railway Series books and the spin-off series Thomas and Friends Rex (NX Files), a character in the action adventure web-show NX Files Metal Gear REX, a mecha from the video game, Metal Gear Solid Rex the Wonder Dog, a DC Comics superhero dog

What does the word rex mean in Latin?

Rex is Latin for “king”, see Rex (title).

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