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DC’s “Rebirth” event began with a bang in June 2016, relaunching every major DC hero from Aquaman to Wonder Woman! Now, the entire collection of REBIRTH specials are collected in a massive new hardcover!

How many golden age omnibus are there in Batman?

Below is a list of all the graphic novels in DC’s Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus collection, to help you track down the books you seek. To date, DC has published nine volumes in the Batman: The Golden Age series.

In what order should I read DC rebirth?

DC Rebirth Reading Order: The Best Runs

  1. Superman Vol. 1: Son Of Superman.
  2. Superman Vol. 2: Trials of the Super Son.
  3. Superman Vol. 3: Multiplicity.
  4. Superman Reborn. Collects Action Comics 975-976, Superman 18-19.
  5. Superman Vol. 4: Black Dawn.
  6. Superman Vol. 5: Hopes and Fears.
  7. Superman Vol. 6: Imperius Lex.
  8. Super Sons of Tomorrow.

How many Superman Golden Age omnibus are there?

All first 4 volumes of the Superman Chronicles books make up this entire omnibus. All four together cost about the same price (not counting shipping fees though) as the Omnibus at the current Amazon price.

Who is the flash in rebirth?

The storyline follows the “rebirth” of the Silver Age character The Flash, real name Barry Allen after the character’s initial return in DC’s 2008 crossover storyline “Final Crisis”.

Will there be a Batman Silver Age omnibus?

Batman: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. The iconic tales of Batman from the classic Silver Age collected for the first time in this incredible omnibus! The Caped Crusader is known for protecting the streets of Gotham from the villains who wish to cause harm.

What happened to Golden Age Batman?

The Golden Age Batman’s origin contains only a few key differences to the ones most fans know today. His parents were still murdered, but in this reality, that killer was successfully identified as Joe Chill. After his parents’ death, Bruce is taken in by his uncle Phillip Wayne, not Alfred.

Why is DC rebirth?

Instead, Rebirth is meant to give the post-Flashpoint DC Universe what it’s been missing: the feeling of history, legacy, and relationships between the characters that vanished when DC rebooted their entire publishing line in 2011.

Is DC still in Rebirth?

Enter DC Rebirth. DC finally ended the New 52, and brought back the history and legacy of their full continuity into all-new #1 issues across all their titles like Batman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. This will tell you about every single comic in Rebirth, and where you should read each story.

What is Silver Age Superman?

The Silver Age of Comics was a historical period in the publication of DC comic books, including those of the Superman franchise. This age is characterized by “campy” storylines, and major expansion of the Superman mythos. The only way Clark could perish was by exposure to Green Kryptonite.

When does the DC Omnibus Volume come out?

Each Age Omnibus volume is also published as two or three (depending on page count) trade paperbacks . December 8, 2020 (Published under DC Black Label .)

Who are the authors of the DC Omnibus?

DC Omnibus is a line of large format, high quality, full color, hardcover editions published by DC Comics since 2007, reprinting comics previously printed in single issue format. Individual volumes tend to focus on collecting either the works of prolific comic creators, like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko;

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When did the DC Silver Age Omnibus come out?

In 2013, DC began collecting the earliest stories of some its most enduring series and characters in matching trade dress volumes, titled Golden Age Omnibus, Silver Age Omnibus and Bronze Age Omnibus, replacing the earlier lines Showcase Presents, DC Archive Editions and DC Chronicles .

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