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Who owns Mauritius Commercial Bank?

Who owns Mauritius Commercial Bank?

MCB Group
MCB Investment Holding Limited
Mauritius Commercial Bank/Parent organizations

Mauritius Commercial Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCB Group. MCB Group’s shareholder structure can be accessed here.

Where is the Mauritius Commercial Bank?

Port Louis
Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) is a commercial bank in Mauritius. It was one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Mauritius, the country’s central bank and the nation’s banking regulator. The bank’s headquarters are located in Port Louis, Mauritius.

What is MBC bank?

Mauritius Commercial Bank – Personal, Private, SME, Corporate, Institutional banking – MCB.

Is MCB hotline free?

By calling us on +230 202 5010. By visiting your nearest MCB branch.

Which is the largest bank in Mauritius?

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)
Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) is the oldest and largest banking institution of Mauritius. It operates a network of 42 branches and over 4,000 point of sale terminals across the island.

How many branches MCB in Mauritius?

Today, the network consists of 40 strategically located branches and helps assert the Bank’s leadership in the retail market.

How many banks are there in Mauritius?

22 banks
Banks in Mauritius The banking sector in Mauritius currently includes 22 banks licensed by the central bank, the Bank of Mauritius. Of these, 5 are local banks, 10 are foreign-owned subsidiaries, 1 is a joint venture, 4 are branches of foreign banks and 2 are private banks.

Is MCB open during lockdown?

All our branches are open, Monday to Thursday (9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.) and Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

How do I contact MCB?

No matter what you need help with, no matter where you are, you can always reach us.

  1. Write to Us. Complaint Resolution Unit, Service Quality Division,
  2. Call Us. 111-000-622 (MCB) Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  3. Visit Us. Fill out the Complaint Form at any MCB Bank Branch and drop it in the Complaint Box.

How can I increase my MCB juice limit?

You can increase or decrease your credit limit by sending us a secure message on Internet Banking (IB) or by filling the appropriate form at any MCB branch. Our staff will gladly assist you should the need arise.

What banks are in Mauritius?

List of banks in Mauritius

Banks Headquarters location Website
Habib Bank Limited Port Louis
HSBC Bank (Mauritius) Limited Ebène CyberCity
Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited Port Louis
MauBank Ltd Ebène CyberCity

How many bank are there in Mauritius?

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