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Is Barbara WIndsor in Carry On Nurse?

Is Barbara WIndsor in Carry On Nurse?

So let’s continue today with Barbara’s second role in the series, as Nurse Sandra May in the 1967 film Carry On Doctor. WIndsor returned to the Carry Ons for the first time since her debut, over three years earlier in Carry On Spying.

Who played Mr York Carry On Nurse?

Terence Longdon
The journalist Ted York (Terence Longdon) is rushed to Haven Hospital with appendicitis.

Who was the nurse in Carry on Doctor?

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Barbara Windsor Nurse Sandra May
Joan Sims Chloe Gibson
Bernard Bresslaw Ken Biddle
Hattie Jacques Matron

Where did they film Carry on Doctor?

Maidenhead, where the Town Hall doubled for the hospital. Masonic Hall, Uxbridge. Westbourne Street, London WC2.

Who died today from the Carry On films?

Dame Barbara Windsor, best known for her roles in EastEnders and the Carry On films, died Thursday at age 83 in a London care home. Her husband, Scott Mitchell, confirmed the death and said she died from complications from Alzheimer’s.

How long is Carry On Nurse?

1h 26m
Carry on Nurse/Running time

Where is hospital in Carry on Doctor?

Carry On Doctor | 1967 The disappointingly named ‘Borough County Hospital’ (they hadn’t got the whole silly name thing down yet) is Maidenhead Town Hall, St Ives Road in Maidenhead, a town on the River Thames, in Berkshire, west of London – and, importantly, not far from Pinewood Studios.

What hospital was used in Carry on Doctor?

Maidenhead Town Hall
Maidenhead Town Hall becomes a hospital for Carry on Doctor in 1967. With their smutty humour and uniquely British charm, the Carry On films are regarded of something of a national treasure. The antics of Kenneth Williams, Sid James and Barbara Windsor back in the 1960s are fondly remembered many years on.

Who said Ooh Matron?

A catchphrase of Kenneth Williams’ characters in the Carry On film series, said in response to comments from Hattie Jacques’ hospital matron characters.

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