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How long do you cure IBD Builder gel?

How long do you cure IBD Builder gel?

Cure 60 seconds in LED Lamp, 3 minutes in UV lamp. Keep capped when not in use.

Do you wipe IBD builder gel?

as in Step 2 – Gel Layer One. Cure/Set this layer in lamp and leave the tacky residue on the nail – don’t wipe it yet.

What is the difference between IBD hard gel and builder gel?

Joseph – hard gel and builder gel are the same. These hard gels are more similar to acrylics and often require more time to soak off once you’ve filed as close to the natural nail as possible. Builder gel is also used for adhering tips if you don’t want to use forms to build the nail out.

Which is better hard gel or builder gel?

The exception being hard Gel, which can be used to create extensions but only if they are short. Builder Gel, Gum Gel and Hard Gel are all strong enough to build an extension by either using tips or sculpting forms. But Hard Gel is the weakest of them all and should only be used for short extensions.

Does IBD hard gel soak off?

Ideal for use over both tips and natural nails, this thick-consistency gel cures in three minutes to ensure fast, efficient service. Perfect for clients who like to experiment with their nail looks, this easy to remove gel can be soaked off in just 10 minutes and safely removed using a cuticle pusher.

Does builder gel help nails grow?

Then we have your answer… Builder gel! A natural nail overlay adding strength to your own nails, allowing your own nails to grow, keeping them looking perfect for 2/3 weeks and feeling so light on your own natural nails.

Which is worse for your nails acrylic or gel?

Acrylics tend to be harder than gel, which also means less flexibility. They also tend to be more damaging to the nail, especially as it requires more difficulty in removing it with soaking in acetone and buffing off.

How to prepare your nails for IBD gel?

IBD’s gel is a odor and acid free product. Before applying, prepare your nails by spraying them with IBD’s nail prep and using a nail wipe to dry and clean nails.

Which is the latest IBD nail enhancement product?

Ibd introduces the latest in gel nail enhancement innovation: Control Gel. A new pro-hybrid gel that conquers the complexities of hard gel and acrylics in a simple, premixed tube. This LED/UV formula is perfect for overlays and extensions, with a faster and uncomplicated application.

Which is the best nail gel for overlays?

The strength of acrylics with the natural clear look of gels, perfect for overlays and nail extensions. Builder Gel is ideal for tip overlays and sculpting. Thin Viscosity – Perfect for multiple applications. Self-leveling – Ease of application will leave the surface with a smooth finish.

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