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Is Sobia Khan married?

Is Sobia Khan married?

Usman Qadirm. 2018
Sobia Khan/Spouse
Sobia was born on 24 June 1991 or 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan. In May 2018, she married Pakistani cricketer Usman Qadir.

How old is Armeena Khan?

34 years (March 30, 1987)
Armeena Khan/Age

Where is Armeena Khan from?

Armeena Khan/Place of birth

Who is the father of Usman Qadir?

Abdul Qadir
Usman Qadir/Fathers
Usman Qadir is the son of Abdul Qadir, one of Pakistan’s foremost leg spinners. His uncle, Ali Bahadur, and brothers, Imran, Rehman, and Sulaman Qadir have all also played first-class cricket.

What is the age of Usman Qadir?

28 years (August 10, 1993)
Usman Qadir/Age

Is Armeena Khan Pakistani?

Khan was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Pakistani parents. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker. She has two sisters, one elder and a younger. Khan is of Pashtun and Punjabi origins.

How tall is Armeena Khan in feet?

5′ 7″
Armeena Khan/Height

Who is the actress with the stage name Meera?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Irtiza Rubab (Urdu: ارتضی رباب ‎) (born 12 May 1977), better known by her stage name Meera (Urdu: میرا ‎), is a Pakistani film actress and television presenter. She has appeared in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi movies.

How old is the Pakistani actress Meera rubab?

Pakistani film actress. Meera. Meera in 2013. Born. Irtiza Rubab. ( 1977-05-12) 12 May 1977 (age 43) Citizenship. Pakistan.

Which is the second movie of Meera Khan?

Nazar was a film directed by Soni Razdan and it was the first Indo-Pakistani joint movie venture in 50 years. Her second movie was Kasak starring Lucky Ali. Although Kasak failed critically and commercially, Meera still kept working in Bollywood.

Who is the actress who plays Naseem Dilruba?

Same year she played a popular role of Naseem Dilruba for TV One in the drama Mein Sitara, Which was nominated for Lux Style Awards. In addition, she played a key character in the television series Naagin. She appeared as a film star in the 2019 drama film Baaji, which proved to be a box office success.

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